And a sight that shames the city

The crazy world of waste 3


by Colin Campbell

WHILE hundreds of thousands of pounds are being squandered on riverside “artwork” no-one wants…this was the rather less “artistic” scene in Castle Wynd at the weekend. The city’s main toilet block locked and barred just after 4pm.

 Tourists and visitors…welcome in your tens of thousands to Inverness, where we can’t even provide you with the most basic of facilities.

 Last year these toilets were only open from 10am to 4pm.

 This year amid talk of “financial crisis”, will they be open at all?

 An essential facility that should obviously be taken for granted in a massive tourist city like Inverness on the walk up to the city’s prime tourist attraction – the castle – about as welcoming and accessible as a third world dungeon.

 There’s £60,000 available to build what looks like a broken down ruin at Friar’s Shott.

 There’s £300,000 available to concrete over a beautiful part of the riverside in a despised development that no-one wants.

 But there’s no money available to provide visitors to our fair city with the basics like a public toilet. It’s all to do with those unfortunate “cutbacks” you see. Wouldn’t Inverness Common Good fund money be better spent on this rather than the riverside “artwork” travesty?

 What an utterly perverted sense of priorities. What a shocking way to welcome visitors who are the lifeblood of much of the local economy. It shames the Highland capital.

 And that really is beyond a joke.

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