Council arts group leader buries her head in the sand

by Colin Campbell

MOMENTS before articles on Inverness-related issues appear on Inverness news and views it’s our regular practice to email them to all councillors within the Highland capital area. And this has applied particularly to comment and news on the intensely controversial plans to build the riverside Gathering Place. Continue reading “Council arts group leader buries her head in the sand”

Riverside reasons to be cheerful on the longest day of the year

Cheerful and playfully imaginative…the new addition to Ness Walk which shows the kind of thing that can be done to enhance the riverside without ruinously tearing it up.

by Colin Campbell

THE campaign for a full and open public debate on the Gathering Place planned for the riverside at the Ness Islands has received a massive boost with confirmation that that will now take place. Continue reading “Riverside reasons to be cheerful on the longest day of the year”

Unsupported, under pressure and under fire

by Colin Campbell

Isabelle Mackenzie.

WITH Inverness councillors now believing they can force a full special meeting over the riverside-ruining Gathering Place what did the last exchanges around the horseshoe-shaped Town House table tell us. First and foremost that Inverness arts group chairman Isabelle Mackenzie – seen as the driving force behind the project – now looks in a lonely, isolated and deeply unenviable position. Continue reading “Unsupported, under pressure and under fire”

What a pair of loudmouths to send out on a ‘conversion tour’

by Colin Campbell

Mhairi Black

THE SNP are taking their independence campaign “to the people” and have despatched Ian Blackford and Mhairi Black  to appear at a series of Highland roadshows in a bid to “reach out” to former No voters. Black and Blackford, what an inspired choice of representatives to convert and win over Unionists. Or maybe not. In terms of public appeal they might as well have sent out former SNP MP Natalie McGarry before she was jailed for fraud. If anyone can come up with a more repugnant pairing for an SNP “conversion tour” than Black and Blackford I’d like to hear it. Belligerent and confrontational loudmouths, they are the ugliest face of the SNP. Continue reading “What a pair of loudmouths to send out on a ‘conversion tour’”

Fury erupts at council meeting over ‘scandal of the decade’

DSC00153 (2)
People sitting in the sunshine and strolling along the riverside, at the area planned to be torn apart at a cost of £300,000 to build a wall and concrete pathways.

ANGER and outrage erupted at a Town House meeting when councillors clashed furiously over the £300,000 riverside-ruining Gathering Place. In some of the stormiest exchanges seen in years council opponents of the scheme gave full vent to their fury and disgust over the plan to concrete over a natural and unspoilt area of the riverside at the Ness Islands. Continue reading “Fury erupts at council meeting over ‘scandal of the decade’”