‘Plan B’ plotting – but Unionists would not stand for it

by Colin Campbell

MANY Nationalists are salivating over the prospect of Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister and, it has to be said, many among the rest of us as none too thrilled by it either. But, all too predictably, it has fired up elements among them to a near-frenzy of impatience for another referendum and, as they see it, the inevitability of a vote for independence.

 So “Plan B” is on the table, encompassing a range of options which would be implemented if Westminster “continues to ignore the will of the Scottish people” and refuses to approve indyref2.

 These range from a unilateral declaration of independence, to an “advisory referendum”, which would inevitably be boycotted by Unionists.

 And, viewed with much more seriousness by senior elements within the SNP, changing the rules for the next Westminster or Holyrood election to assert that an SNP majority in either would be taken as a mandate for independence, and if that was the outcome, breakaway negotiations would begin accordingly.

 There’s no doubt that from a nationalist perspective these appealing prospects would avoid the inconvenience and risks of another full-scale, legitimate referendum on the “inevitable” road towards independence.

 The problem is that they’re all illegal.

 Watching them discuss these options among themselves is akin to watching a game of chess with only one player.

 Victory by one route or another is guaranteed – but what are the best moves to make to achieve it?

 When I read some of the seething, semi-deranged views spread throughout the National newspaper, it occurs to me: haven’t you people forgotten something?

 Namely, the response from the pro-Union majority to an unlawful declaration of independence and the effective robbery of our country?

 Nationalist comtempt for the “fearties”, the “mebbes”, the British “lackeys” has been made clear enough. In the minds of some of them it seems to have evolved into assuming those who oppose independence are dithering cowards who haven’t the courage or the will to stand up against them, in any circumstances.

 Their disdain for the “silent majority” who don’t hang flags on their windows or go on marches is absolute.

 That’s the only conceivable explanation as to why any of  them think they could get away with their “Plan B” lunacy.

 This may never happen. Nicola Sturgeon and other more sane nationalists may try and reign these people in. But if – or more likely when – Johnson becomes PM expect an explosion of triumphalist delight and a massive surge in “now is the time to strike!” fervour.

 Where all this will lead in these turbulent times is impossible to say.

 But what is a certainty is that any attempt by nationalists to gain independence unlawfully would be resisted by many to the core of their being.

 The recklessness of the “Plan B” fanatics takes their zealotry to a new level. But it’s out there and it’s happening.

 Fanciful plans were put in place by some police forces in England last year to deal with potential “civil disorder” as a result of Brexit being thwarted.

 As I said at the time, that was alarmist nonsense and was never going to happen.

 But cool heads are now needed among the upper echelons of the SNP to douse out the “Plan B” frenzy.

 Because if any serious attempt was made to secure independence by illegal means the prospects for civil disorder in Scotland would be less a likelihood than an inevitability.

 The “fearties” and “mebbes” would show themselves to be of a rather different mettle than they might appear to some nationalists now.

 All that needs to be said as of now is one cold, hard, physical fact. Unionists simply would not stand for it.

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