Good news on care homes is welcome boost for residents

by Colin Campbell

IT is a matter of personal choice whether one would prefer to drop dead in a bar or, or in my case, on an exercise bike (as has happened, albeit very rarely) with your soul spinning towards eternity before you hit the ground. Or end up in a care home. On balance, I think I’d prefer the ground-hitting option. A similar sense of bravado inclines many other people to feel the same. But such matters cannot be conveniently pre-arranged so the end product is that as such morbid thoughts become increasingly relevant with age, few of us know how the hell we’ll end up, or how speedily we’ll get there. Continue reading “Good news on care homes is welcome boost for residents”

Gathering Place decision day will provide a splash of drama

FORGET the conventional wisdom that council meetings by default are turgid, dreary and boring. Tomorrow’s debate on the Ness arts programme and in particular the planned £300,000 riverside Gathering Place, at Glenurquhart Road HQ, will provide a splash of real drama as councillors thrash out the pros and cons of one of the most controversial schemes in years, and decide whether or not it will go ahead. Whether you’re there in person or watching live on the council website, COLIN CAMPBELL reviews the participants and things to look out for. Continue reading “Gathering Place decision day will provide a splash of drama”

Council chief makes ill-judged attack on leading critic

HIGHLAND Council leader Margaret Davidson has made an astonishing intervention into the Ness riverside Gathering Place dispute, just days before a crucial meeting on the issue.

Margaret Davidson.

 She has written to rebuke Councillor Ron MacWilliam – a fierce critic of the project and the way it’s been handled – for comments he has made on the Gathering Place debacle, and has demanded that he apologise for his criticism.  Ms Davidson said in her letter: “I have become increasingly uncomfortable with some of the statements I read in the press that are attributed to you. I give you some examples here and will explain why I am uneasy with these statements.” Continue reading “Council chief makes ill-judged attack on leading critic”

As protesters make the running, outcome too close to call

by Colin Campbell

WITH criticism piling up amid claims of extensive financial confusion and mismanagement of the River Ness Arts scheme, it might seem an act of almost pathological folly to throw good money after bad by spending still more on the “Gathering Place”, a wall and concrete pathways that virtually no-one wants on a natural and unspoilt stretch of riverside. Continue reading “As protesters make the running, outcome too close to call”

Nationalists want to cash in on Brexit and bring new turmoil

INVERNESS MP Drew Hendry hasn’t fully climbed aboard the “independence is now inevitable” bandwagon but he’s lagging not far behind it. Following the publication of a single poll that found 52-48 per cent support in Scotland for the break-up of the United Kingdom, his unmissable Twitter site hasn’t gone into the kind of hysterical overdrive we saw after Nicola Sturgeon announced she was “going for it” two years ago last March, but it’s certainly getting into gear. Continue reading “Nationalists want to cash in on Brexit and bring new turmoil”

Music venue to be replaced by £200 a night hotel

SO the music is set to die at the Ironworks venue in Inverness. Another “victim” of Brexit, as some would see it, and of which there’s no doubt. The building which occupies a prime site in Academy Street will be replaced by a 180-bed hotel. And what other than Brexit can explain the literally overwhelming influx of foreign visitors we’ve seen in Inverness and the Highlands, and has left some wandering the streets after midnight unable to find anywhere to sleep? Continue reading “Music venue to be replaced by £200 a night hotel”