Campaign stalwart Helen Smith seeks election to council

by Colin Campbell

Petition organiser Helen Smith, right, on hand to see a steady stream of people signing up to protest against the Gathering Place at one of the events she helped organise.

GATHERING Place campaigner and 3,000-strong petition organiser Helen Smith is to run for Highland Council office, Inverness news and views can reveal. Continue reading “Campaign stalwart Helen Smith seeks election to council”

After 40 years, time to move on, on ‘Black Friday’, the 13th

Colin Campbell anticipates closing a front door for the very last time

ANY date in the calendar where Friday and the number 13 coincide is of note to the more superstitious among us. But this time round this particular “Black Friday” the 13th is imbued with particular significance for me. Around midday I suppose I’ll have a wander through the house, pausing for a minute or two in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, and in each of the four main rooms, just looking in a 360 degree turn at four blank walls, then take a deep breath and head for the front door, which I’ll close behind me for the last time, after 40 years. Continue reading “After 40 years, time to move on, on ‘Black Friday’, the 13th”

After riverside travesty – now they’re ‘listening’ again

The Gathering Place provoked mass public opposition which was treated with contempt.

by Colin Campbell

A FRONT page headline appeared in the Inverness Courier: “Call for public to have say on cuts”. The report underneath said: “The public should have a say on up to £77.3million of cuts Highland Council may have to make over the next three years. The call is included in a revenue budget strategy going before councillors on Thursday.”

 And I thought: “How very considerate of them. So now we’re back to having a listening, caring, sharing council where what people think matters and is oh so important to the decision-making process.” Continue reading “After riverside travesty – now they’re ‘listening’ again”

Memorabilia that means so much to those who cherish it

by Colin Campbell

WHILE much of the country is gripped to the point of obsession with Brexit, for some older Invernessians thoughts still loom large of the very different European conflict which broke out on September 3, 1939, 80 years ago this week. Inverness reader Sheila Macdonald forwarded to Inverness news and views items of memorabilia she retains from that time, which mean an immeasurable amount to her. Continue reading “Memorabilia that means so much to those who cherish it”

Frenzy of some nationalists goes right off the chart


THE famously gusty isle of Shetland took the wind out of the SNP’s sails when their candidate was trounced in last Thursday’s by-election. So much for Nicola Sturgeon’s “independence is now completely inevitable” declaration on the day of Boris Johnson’s controversial declaration to suspend Parliament in advance of the October 31 Brexit deadline. Continue reading “Frenzy of some nationalists goes right off the chart”