As he snubs his voters, ‘calendar boy’ Blackford is riding for a fall

by Colin Campbell

LUCKY recipients of Ian Blackford’s campaign leaflet in the Ross, Lochaber and Skye constituency will have noticed that it contains no fewer than 11 photographs of him. Modesty presumably prevented him from giving himself the full photogenic pictorial spread he felt he no doubt deserved. In fact, one more photo and people would have been able to make a 2020 calendar out of them. An Ian Blackford picture calendar hanging in your front living room? What a Christmas gift. Continue reading “As he snubs his voters, ‘calendar boy’ Blackford is riding for a fall”

The Earl is facing the axe


IS it really 33 years since we adorned the front page of the Highland News with the joyous news that Prince Andrew was being made Earl of Inverness? 

 That was back in 1986, and as editor of that august organ it was a time when the words “joyous” and “Royal” went hand in hand and were inseparable, and so giving the story the best show possible seemed to me the natural and sensible thing to do. Continue reading “The Earl is facing the axe”

Board back McLeod with a treble as Clach seek brighter days


A welcome new strike force…Clach’s match-winner against Strathspey Thistle, Scott Graham. Picture: Donald Cameron

CLACH climbed from 16th to 14th in the Highland League on Saturday and, apart from for the hardy souls in the cold at Grant Street, that will barely have been noticed in Inverness. However, their gutsy 2-1 victory over Strathspey Thistle brought them to within two points of their opponents rather than leaving them eight adrift of the Jags. Continue reading “Board back McLeod with a treble as Clach seek brighter days”

Spreading the deluded fantasy gospel of the SNP

by Colin Campbell

A FRIEND of mine in Dingwall told me this week how he opened the door to a couple of campaigners seeking support for blustering Ian Blackford. They were dressed in garish SNP regalia with their symbols and a proliferation of yellow. He almost wanted to shield his eyes. After introducing themselves – as if they needed introduction – one said: “We have five questions to ask you.” Continue reading “Spreading the deluded fantasy gospel of the SNP”

SNP desperate to win support of more and more EU migrants

by Colin Campbell

AS the election approaches, it’s worth remembering that Inverness MP Drew Hendry said during his tenure in office that the housing crisis was “the biggest source of casework” he had to deal with, other than welfare system problems. Is that surprising? The waiting list for accommodation in Inverness is so hopelessly long that many people have given up hope, and no longer even register. 

Continue reading “SNP desperate to win support of more and more EU migrants”

River Ness campaigners rip into civic leaders

Openness campaigners have slammed council work on the riverside and at the Ness Islands – including trees being felled – following the latest developments in the ongoing Gathering Place fiasco.

by Colin Campbell

THE OpenNess campaign group has savaged Inverness civic leaders following the latest shambolic twist in the Gathering Place saga, with the project now facing an “indefinite delay” due to a shortfall in funding for the provision of access for the disabled. Ignoring a 3,000-strong protest petition gathered by the group, Inverness councillors voted in August to go ahead with plans to build a wall and concrete pathways – designated as “artwork” – on a natural beauty spot on the riverside at the Ness Islands. Continue reading “River Ness campaigners rip into civic leaders”

A humble man of the soil who preceded ‘crofter’ Blackford

by Colin Campbell

A ROSS-SHIRE reader with a long memory reminds us that Ian Blackford follows an honourable tradition in being “a simple crofter” seeking re-election in his constituency. He writes: “Regarding Ian Blackford’s quite outrageous claims about his ‘crofting lifestyle’ I draw to your attention to a revered political figure who legitimately discussed the trials and tribulations of regularly working outdoors. He was the late Alasdair Mackenzie, a Liberal MP for this area, a Gaelic speaker and among other things a member of the Crofter’s Commission. He farmed down at Fearn and had close links to Skye. He was one of the old school…well respected and liked and occasionally late for things when he had to attend to the lambing or harvest. He was a genuine man who fully understood the area and the environment he worked in.” Continue reading “A humble man of the soil who preceded ‘crofter’ Blackford”

Hendry’s challengers need to inform voters that they exist

by Colin Campbell

IT’S been made clear what’s happening in the election in the Ross constituency – Labour and the Conservatives effectively want their supporters to back Lib Dem Craig Harrow in a bid to oust the SNP’s blustering Ian Blackford – but what’s happening in Inverness? Four weeks from polling day and not as much as a leaflet through the letterbox about or from any of the candidates, who apart from one, are completely and totally anonymous figures. Continue reading “Hendry’s challengers need to inform voters that they exist”

Civic leaders face new claims of operating ‘behind closed doors’

INVERNESS civic leaders have again been accused of making decisions “behind closed doors” in relation to public spending on projects in the Highland capital. Provost Helen Carmichael and her deputy Bet MacAllister suffered an embarrassing defeat at a meeting of the council’s Environment, Development and Infrastructure committee when other members from across the region voted against their move to push through cash being spent on selected projects in Inverness. Continue reading “Civic leaders face new claims of operating ‘behind closed doors’”