Hendry and Fawcett offer starkest choice for the electorate

WHILE Drew Hendry was scared to even mention “indyref2” in his election material, the same can’t be said of his Conservative rival, Dr Fiona Fawcett. Her doormat delivery concentrates on nothing but the threat of another independence referendum. Literally nothing else features in her glossy election pamphlet, not the NHS, education, transport, Brexit, or, perhaps unsurprisingly, “Boris”.

 Split into different sections and articles, her every message warns a vote for the SNP or Labour is a vote for another referendum. She has nothing else to say.

 Is it indyref2 overkill?

 Some will see it like that, and not only those of nationalist persuasion.

 The inclusion of a positive message from Fawcett – on something, anything – would alleviate the impression that she is seeking to be elected as Inverness constituency MP solely by stoking fears of another independence referendum.

 Whether people who read it will be impressed by such a level of negativity remains to be seen.

 Most are aware of what’s the main issue north of the border on Thursday.

 They may find it tiresome to find the Tory candidate concentrating on it to such a degree,  and providing no other reason to vote for her other than to “Stop Indyredf2!”

 Dr Fawcett is virtually unknown by many in the Inverness constituency, and with Drew Hendry being the clearest odds-on favourite to be re-elected, after Thursday she’s likely to remain that way.

 But there’s one thing that Hendry and Fawcett both seem to agree on.

 Any reference to indyref2 is a vote loser for the SNP, and a vote winner for the Tories.

 The choice for the Inverness constituency electorate could not be more stark.

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