Hendry demands indyref2 on TV – after ‘silence’ during election

by Colin Campbell

SHAMELESS Drew Hendry has posted a video of himself on a political programme on Sky TV arguing vehemently for another independence referendum. 

Drew Hendry….no mention of another referendum in election material.

 The Inverness MP – who never misses a chance to publicly boast about gaining a minute or two of national television prominence, just in case we missed it – was absolutely insistent that the SNP has a mandate (or four) for indyref2.  Watch it proudly presented on his Twitter site. He sounds so emphatic, so determined, so resoundingly forthright.  And then we think back to the General Election and the material he distributed in his campaign.

 How emphatic, determined or resoundingly forthright was he then?

 This is what he had to say in his brochure about another independence referendum: Zero, zilch, nothing.

 It didn’t get a single mention, not a single word.

 He concentrated instead wholly on the work he has done at local level for his constituents – and in fairness let’s recognise that he has been an industrious and hard-working Inverness MP.

 But brandish the chance of appearing in a television studio in front of him and he transforms before your eyes into a nationalist zealot.

 And as being utterly shameless.

 If you’re such a fervent public advocate of indryref2 now why didn’t you include it in your election campaign  material, Drew?

 If you’re so emphatic about it on television now why didn’t you have the guts to mention it then?

 Why were you running scared and trying to con voters into backing you without any reference to the cause which is obviously so dear to your heart?

 These are just some of the questions which can legitimately be posed our member of parliament and budding TV star.

 Last week I was glad to see him criticising unfair parking charges in the local papers and assumed that he’d fully got back to concentrating on the day job.

 But the chance to gain some TV limelight and promote the SNP’s so-called “mandate” for indryref2 (which self-evidently doesn’t exist or else they’d have used it) was obviously too much for him to resist.

 If he’d included any reference to indyref2 in his campaign literature accusations of blatant hypocrisy could not be levelled against him.

 But he didn’t, and now he’s crawling all over the issue.

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