Clients shun escorts, escorts shun city, in fake pictures backlash

Fake pictures on websites lead to the city’s ‘escort’ business getting the cold shoulder.

THE escort business in Inverness has slumped due to the widespread use of fake photos involving women here “on tour”. The news will be welcomed by those who regret an often seedy element of city life encroaching on the Highland capital, but the downturn is all about money rather than morality. Recently INV reported on how pictures of international glamour models were being placed on websites advertising Inverness escort services, and now it seems potential clients and some escorts themselves have had enough. 

One woman in a phone call last week readily conceded that pictures used in an advertisement for her were fake and had nothing to do with her. She said: “It is not me. They are not real. That is not me.”

However the woman, from Romania, was unable to explain why the fake photos were being used or where they had come from.

Another escort on tour with a female friend, who last week rented an apartment in the  block of flats in Strothers Lane, said they were leaving the city after only three days because it was a waste of time and money. 

“It is very expensive to rent a nice place in Inverness now, and the phone never rings,” she said. “Others say the same. Inverness used to be good place to visit but now it is no good. Customers are not here.” 

Inverness in recent times has seen “escorts” pour into a relatively remote city where they sought to charge higher prices and make more money than they could in cities in the south.  But now it seems greed and the use of fake photos has at least partly put an end to that as potential clients stay away. 

The downturn in the trade will also be welcomed by Labour MSP Rhoda Grant who has campaigned for changes in the law to make it illegal for men to pay for sex,  a proposal strongly opposed by women who believe it would make life more difficult and even dangerous for females involved.

The only difficulty it seems for escorts “on tour” in Inverness at the moment is the use of fake pictures and the dearth of clients, as they opt to shun the city. 

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