Coronavirus threat wipes out ‘escort’ business in Inverness


Coronavirus crisis grips city           

                                                                                                                                                Friday, March 27

THE coronavirus threat has wiped out the escort trade in Inverness. 

 A business which was booming just a month ago has now virtually vanished from the Highland capital. 

 Then up to 100 escorts “on tour” were advertising their services – whether fairly innocent or not so innocent – on websites. Now the number has fallen to near zero. 

 Despite the qualms some people may have about the presence of what they consider a dubious business, the women involved are demonstrating that they too are exercising social responsibility in this extremely difficult time. 

 That’s not surprising, perhaps, in a line of work where “social distancing” is not an option. 

 One of the very few still advertising, a 25-year-old Czech woman, “Kaleena”, said in a phone call in accented but perfect English: “The advertisement is a mistake, I’m not working just now because of the virus. I don’t want to put myself or anyone else at risk. I don’t know when or if I’ll work again. It depends on what happens. I suppose it could be a long time.”

 Inverness has been seen as a moneyspinner by escorts on tour, a place where they could charge significantly more for their services than in major cities in the south. 

 But that sphere of city life has now collapsed, like so much else in the mainstream.

Its demise will not be of concern to many people, and many indeed may welcome it. 

 But the once thriving escort trade in the Highland capital has shut up shop – an incidental casualty of a health scourge that is sweeping away everything in its path. 

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