Desperate for store work – and stumped by application

Coronavirus crisis grips city

                                                                                                                                         Thursday, March 26

AN Inverness taxi driver whose normal trade has been decimated turned to the work source many people are having to aim for at the moment – an overnight shelf stacker in a supermarket.

 All the bigger city stores need these new workers, they say, in large numbers to keep up with the level of customer demand and outbreaks of “panic buying” in the current situation

He was tackling the online application form for one large store when he came up against the requirement: Upload your CV.

 This is the usual way to apply for a job nowadays, and can be done at the click of a mouse, provided you have a CV ready on your computer desktop, and provided you know how to upload it.

 But the taxi driver was out of luck on both counts.

 Many people applying for a job for the first time in the modern era would struggle in the same way. Inverness jobcentre staff can assist the unemployed to create a CV and show them the quick steps needed to get it to an employer, but that requires an appointment and they would struggle to cope with the number of people who suddenly find themselves looking for work.

 The taxi driver, in his 50s, would normally turn to his daughter for assistance with computer-related challenges, but said she has an asthmatic young child so he’s not visiting because of the current situation.

 He was effectively stumped.

 He wasn’t giving up – he said he’d sit down and try and patiently work through the problem for as long as it took, Googling online advice. But at a highly stressful time for many it’s the kind of hugely frustrating extra burden that could have you banging your head of a wall.

 Stores have their procedures to follow. But at this time, of all times, couldn’t they try and make life a bit easier to those who are not too well versed in using computers, by offering simple paper application forms? Some may do so, but clearly not all.

 People are facing hard times and are desperate for work after their normal source of income was so suddenly whipped away from them. Store chiefs should be more flexible and accommodating to these folk, to fit in with the unique circumstances they are facing just now.

One thought on “Desperate for store work – and stumped by application

  1. He could try the Skills Development Scotland website and there might be videos on YouTube to help?


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