Despite risk warnings, for some escorts it’s business as usual

virus escort
Escort services are still available in the high-risk coronavirus era. The woman pictured is no longer believed to be still in Inverness.

Coronavirus crisis

                                                                                                                                                  Thursday, April 16

DESPITE the high-risk coronavirus threat, “escort” services are still being offered in Inverness.

The number of women “on tour” in the Highland capital has plunged from nearly 100 to around half a dozen since the crisis began.

But if clients still want to find escorts, they are easily available online.

Bizarrely, websites advertising their services carry prominent “stay at home” health warnings. But underneath the warnings, lurid adverts appear.

One site states: “We are making temporary changes to the site. Only online services can be advertised during the lockdown. Please stay at home to save lives.”

The charges per hour are blanked out, but invitations and requests “to meet” are listed underneath with pictures, including from “Kelly”, “Suzy”, “Maya” and “Marina”.

Another website offering escorts services in Inverness states: “We would like to alert all our customers and all users of this website to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation. We are an advertising platform and not the employer of the service providers on this website, thus we cannot tell (sic) what to do or not do.”

However the site says it is “discouraging in-person (contact)”. And it has a new “non-contact” section where adverts for “virtual” services appear.

These services involve webcams and are charged at around £2 a minute.

Inverness has become a popular destination for women in the escort business, with charges for various services – whether fairly innocent or otherwise – being considerably higher than in larger cities like Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

However, when concerns over the coronavirus threat became urgent and unavoidable, the vast majority quit within days.

But not all departed.

It is not known whether those remaining – and several arriving – are attracting any clients in a high-risk business where “social distancing” is an unlikely if not impossible concept.

Elsewhere in Scotland, the escort business is even less responsive to the coronavirus risk, with large numbers of women still offering their services in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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