Care residents will celebrate and relive the greatest day

ve day
Back in the day…Britain’s greatest celebration on May 8, 1945.
                                                                                                                                                        Friday, May 8

RESIDENTS of an Inverness care home will get the chance to celebrate VE day today – the momentous 1945 event which some will have been part of.

 The Kingmsills nursing home is having a special day on Friday for residents in the grounds of the home to invoke the spirit of celebrations which marked the end of World War II, 75 years ago.

 Staff will dress up in styles of the time to add to the flavour of the day, which should provide a morale boost for residents currently going through an extended period of isolation from their relatives.

 One said: “We hope to give our residents a really good day – they certainly deserve it.”

 Many of the elderly people in care homes across the country will have taken part in the greatest celebration in British history, when millions poured out into the streets of towns and cities across the land to rejoice in the announcement that Nazi Germany had surrendered and six years of conflict were over.

 Highland Council will be supporting the commemoration of VE Day.

 Roddy Balfour, the council’s Armed Forces and Veterans’ Champion, said: “It was the day freedom triumphed over the forces of an evil dictatorship which had cost the lives of millions of people.

“We would normally mark VE Day with an ecumenical service held in Inverness but this is not possible due to the covid-19 lockdown. Instead there will be an online service of remembrance and a two-minute silence which will lead Scotland’s public commemorations.”

 The pandemic has meant that plans for the landmark anniversary – which were to include a parade, public concert and reception – will now take place online, with a video message of thanks from the First Minister and a concert, in addition to the service and the silence.

 Led by Legion Scotland and Poppyscotland, the commemorations will include families and children currently learning at home.

The Service of Remembrance will be broadcast on Legion Scotland and Poppyscotland’s social media channels from 10.40am until 11.15 am. The online concert will be held from 11.45am until 1pm.

 In addition to online events, Poppyscotland has also produced a range of online educational resources that families can use to learn more about VE Day and to partipate in marking the 75th anniversary at home.

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