Ian Blackford – foul-mouth wrecker of the tourist industry

The doctored border sign image Blackford retweeted
by Colin Campbell                                                                                                                       Tuesday, May 19

PUCE-faced hypocrite Ian Blackford has added another string to his bow, as a foul-mouthed wrecker of the Highland tourist industry.

While organisations like Visit Scotland are working intensely on plans which will encourage people from England to head north for holidays after lockdown restrictions are eased in a bid to stave off complete collapse of the industry, Blackford has taken it upon himself to alienate potential English visitors in the crudest possible way.

The Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader has retweeted a Twitter posting of a sign at the border which had been doctored to say: “We’re shut – f*** off.”

His actions yesterday gained applause from some nationalists.

But the consequences for Highland tourism could scarcely be more damaging.

Here is a national political leader whose enthusiastic approval of a vile message has  been spread across the nation.

Would it be any wonder if people in England were appalled and disgusted to be addressed in such terms and decided to scrub any plans to holiday in Scotland or the Highlands in the months ahead?

A spokesman for Blackford said he did not “necessarily approve” of the language used. Why endorse and propagate it then? He might as well have shouted it out himself. 

The leading paper in Blackford’s own constituency, the highly-respected Ross-shire Journal, last week had as its front page story the devastating consequences of a collapse of the local tourism industry as a result of the coronavirus.

A landmark hotel in Strathpeffer has already gone into insolvency and will not reopen, taking dozens of jobs down with it.

But the MP who should be trying to mitigate the impact on tourism and the fallout in countless lost jobs tells potential English holidaymakers to f*** off.

To describe that as shameful and disgusting doesn’t do it justice.

The Westminster leader of the SNP sinks into the gutter without any consideration for the people he’s supposed to represent.

No financial worries for Ian Blackford, who recently bought his wife a new Range Rover.

Blackford will have no financial worries as mass unemployment looms. In addition to his MP’s salary, he raked in £240,000 in expenses as the second highest Westminster claimant, and also sucks up tens of thousands of pounds a year from a company directorship.

Recently he was pictured buying his wife a new Range Rover to add to however many vehicles they already possess.

The man who claims to be a “simple 10-acres crofter” has shamed the people he represents and has shamed the SNP.

And it seems the damage he is willing to do to the Highland tourist industry and the thousands of jobs that depend on it is incalculable.

2 thoughts on “Ian Blackford – foul-mouth wrecker of the tourist industry

  1. Shameful if Blackford has retweeted such a comment.
    On an other issue;
    Ploughing through the various statistics on line, Highland NHS has recorded 97 deaths due to pandemic. However this is made up of 39 in Highland Council area and 58 in Argyll and Bute, making 97 attributed to Highland NHS. The table of statistics by Health Board published in http://www.gov.scot/coronavirus is slightly misleading as anyone reading it would assume, as I did, that 97 deaths occurred in Highland Region. The table of data shows ‘Dumfries and Galloway’ and ‘Greater Glasgow and Clyde’. The table would be more informative if ‘Highland’ was replaced by ‘Highland and Argyll and Bute’.
    This discrepancy has not been highlighted in any news articles but it should be, especially with regard to discussions regarding lockdown easing in Highland Region.
    And on another issue.
    Planning application was made for a replacement fishermans hut, at the gathering place and it incorporated a redesign of the WALL with a section missing. But it originates from the new fishermans hut from a ‘Grasscrete’ area surrounding the hut. However it was then hurriedly withdrawn??


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