Black wants English workers to pay for Scots’ extended holiday

Mhairi Black is demanding English people back at work rebuilding the economy should fund furloughed Scots lounging in deckchairs or doing their gardens for as long as Nicola Sturgeon wants. This particular English worker has her forefinger extended. Unfortunately we couldn’t find one extending the middle finger.
by Colin Campbell 

SNP “Shadow Scottish Secretary” Mhairi Black wants English workers to pay for Scots to stay longer on an extended holiday. She’s demanding that the furlough scheme in Scotland should be extended for as long as Nicola Sturgeon wants. That is, while people in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool and everywhere else pile back to work.

Black said: “The Chancellor must give clarity to the thousands of employers and workers across Scotland and other devolved nations in the UK – to prematurely cut off access to the furlough scheme would be a clear sign of the UK government putting narrow politics before people. People deserve a guarantee of adequate support for as long as lockdown continues in each of the four UK nations.

“The Tories cannot shirk responsibility on this – pushing households further into hardship by cutting off support during this public health emergency is totally unacceptable. If the UK government fails in its responsibilities, it must devolve the necessary fiscal powers to devolved governments to allow Scotland to implement our own support schemes, providing certainty and stability in the coming months.”

Scots are as keen as the English to get back to their offices and other workplaces after extended ‘gardening leave’.

So while English workers are back at their jobs trying to rebuild the economy that paid for the furlough scheme, the NHS and everything else, according to Black in Scotland it’d be fine to remain in a deckchair or do a bit of gardening – while getting paid for it – for as long as Nicola Sturgeon decrees. And the English grafters would be funding it.

Does Black know how unreasonable that sounds? No doubt she does. But she’s not concerned about that, in fact it was probably her motive for saying it. She wants to be as brazenly provocative as she possibly can be.

In fact the “Shadow Scottish Secretary” sounds brazenly provocative to me every time she opens her mouth. Some people find Glasgow-area accents jarring, they’re fine with me.

But is Black’s particularly grating “voice of the ghetto” growl for real, or has she been taking elocution lessons to sound more intimidating and less educated?


With the ferrets-in-a-sack SNP riven by feuding from the Highlands to the topmost heights of the party, Black remains the darling of the “base”. That’s because she is as belligerent, nasty, spiteful and divisive a piece of work as they’ve got.

And she was living up to her role in this case by, as always, trying to stir up division between Scotland and England purely for the sake of it.

Most Scots are as keen to finish off their furloughed holiday as the English, Welsh and Northern Irish are.

But Black couldn’t pass up the chance to try and create another source of grievance.

The “Shadow Scottish Secretary” is desperate to slash away any sense of national unity which brings people in our four nations together.

Mhairi Black…relentlessly divisive.

It is a relentlessly loathsome pursuit.

Her Westminster colleague, that odious oaf Ian Blackford, last week enthusiastically backed a doctored sign at the border which told the English to f*** off.

We will certainly not make a habit of using or alluding to rude language on Inverness news and views. Even so, there would be widespread support in Scotland if the Welcome to England sign at the border was doctored to tell the grievance-mongering growler where to go with her “English must pay” demand.

In a subtle variation of Blackford’s favourite epithet, it would read simply: Mhairi Black – p*** off.

Tramp-like Cummings is liable to be slouching along Downing Street for some time yet

MORAY MP Douglas Ross has resigned over the Government’s handling of the Dominic Cummings affair, and as a result has suddenly been elevated by sections of the media from obscurity to a figure of national importance. That does no harm to Dominic Cummings or Boris Johnson. In fact it feeds into the view that in their desperation to force Cummings to resign, opponents will inflate the resignation of someone very few people have heard of into an issue of national significance. That is not convincing.

Dominic Cummings…should have been sacked long ago for dressing like a tramp.

The only time Mr Ross’s name become known outwith his constituency boundaries was when, in a radio programme a couple of years ago, he expressed the view that travellers who decide to install themselves on private land anywhere and everywhere should be more firmly dealt with.

Cue outrage from the SNP, in particular, who hurled a barrage of accusations at him that he was an intolerant bigot. In fact, as I wrote at the time, many people would have agreed with what he said, and some would have put it much more strongly.

Moray MP Douglas Ross…his departure has been over-hyped.

So his departure in the scale of things, no matter how it’s being hyped up, is noteworthy but no more than that.

As for Cummings, I would be glad to see him sacked. What he did with his travelling breach of the rules was well out of order.

I’d have liked to see him sacked months ago, in fact, on account of his dress code alone. His typical scruffy jeans and T-shirt appearance with a woolly hat worn deliberately askew reeked of an “I’m too important to have to worry about the way I look” attitude. He seemed to be deliberately trying to drive home the impression that he was an indispensable, untouchable maverick who could dress any way he wanted and do what he damn well pleased.

But he’s not going to be sacked, or so the betting must be. He and Boris Johnson will ride out the storm.

In normal circumstances, the saga might be continued long enough to eventually force him out. But with everything else that’s happening these days, is the Dominic Cummings affair still going to be a major public talking point in even a few days time? No, it won’t be. And that’s why this shabby-looking tramp of a figure will probably still be seen slouching back and forth along Downing Street for as long as Bojo – and Cummings himself – wants. 

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