Eye-in-sky chopper ignored as fresh sea air is breathed in again

Nairn beach was a special place to be after weeks of stifling lockdown.

AN eye-in-the-sky helicopter hovered over Nairn beach yesterday as people flocked to the seaside after 11 weeks of stifling lockdown. Twice in the afternoon it flew over the beach monitoring those lying in the warm sunshine or paddling or swimming in the water. The beach was busy on a brilliantly sunny day, but people sensibly observed social distancing rules.

There was no hint of the reckless congestion and overcrowding which has been a feature elsewhere, with beaches at Brighton and Bournemouth being jammed with sunseekers bumping into each other.

One mum at Nairn with her husband and children told Inverness news and views: “After weeks of confinement it was great to get to the seaside with the kids and relax for a few hours. We went along around one and stayed till six – but we didn’t really want to go home!

“The beach was quite busy but everyone kept well apart. There were no signs of anyone spoiling the afternoon by behaving stupidly.

“It was odd to have the helicopter overhead seeing what was going on but it wasn’t a problem. There were no police or anything like that. They were no doubt just checking up to see what was going on and it seemed a sensible enough thing to do.

“I suppose it’s the kind of thing folk will have to get used to for as long as it lasts. We’ve been down to Nairn beach many a time and it’s just been a nice day out. But today was quite memorable.

“After being stuck indoors for so long and not going anywhere beyond the shops it was great to get out in the sunshine and breathe in the sea air again. What was routine became extra special. It was a great post-lockdown day out – and one we certainly won’t forget.”

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