BLM display due to go up this week – what’s in and what’s out?

by Colin Campbell

THOSE waiting eagerly for the much-vaunted outdoor exhibition at Eden Court of Ness Bridge posters from the Black Lives Matter protest of three weeks ago shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

It was supposed to have appeared a week or so ago, but there’s still nothing there. Now it’s expected to go up in the next few days. Last week I was told they’re still working on it.

Considering the cardboard scrawls and bits of torn canvas which appeared looked like they’d taken about five minutes to create, they seem to have been working on it rather a long time.

Maybe Eden Court want it try and turn it into something impressive and ornate. Given the kind of material they’re working with, they’ve got their work cut out in trying to do that.

It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve left in and left out. Presumably the image of the average police officer depicted as a racist pig won’t get a showing – but who knows. Likewise the claim that “White supremacy” is pervasive in the Highlands, but then again, that might get pride of place.

Meanwhile, just when you thought sanity was beginning to be restored, it emerges that a light plane which flew over the Manchester City football ground at a match displaying a “White Lives Matter” banner could be investigated for having committed a criminal offence. Players and officials down below were reported to be “disgusted”. 

So it’s ok to drape half the country with BLM posters and flags but if someone wants to make a WLM statement it’s branded appalling behaviour and could actually be classed as criminal? Does that make it a potentially criminal offence to put up a White Lives Matter poster somewhere?

Where will it all end? People like me who are sympathetic to the BLM cause provided the views and actions underlying it are not violent, offensive or extreme are bewildered if not sickened by this kind of thing. And I’m not alone. Members of my immediate family are either mixed race or ethnic minority. And they think the same way too.

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