Cavalcade has as much chance of boosting ‘indy’ support as London-Brighton vintage car rally

by Colin Campbell

AS if there’s not enough congestion and confusion in Inverness at the moment with barriers and bollards strewn everywhere, now we have nationalists hoping to boost support for independence by organising a traffic jam.

Rolling along enjoying themselves on the rally trip to Brighton.

Inverness is one of four venues set to host the first Scottish independence nationwide motor cavalcade on Saturday.

Convoy for Independence, organised by the Scottish Independence Movement, will start simultaneously at 1pm at the locations.

They’re starting here from the Vue Cinema. At least they’re not heading straight into the city, but will go off on a tour to disrupt Aviemore, Grantown on Spey and Nairn first. However we are firmly on their route map.

I hope someone from these parts has warned them about the state Inverness is in and that a joyous cavalcade inching through it right now is about the last thing it needs. 

When they arrive here anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the middle of it had better allow for an extra hour or two of travel time, not to mention an unwanted mix of flags, fumes and fervour. 

At least with the Yes marches those involved wear out a bit of shoe leather as they stride out for the cause. 

Siting in a car tooting a horn with a flag hanging out the window isn’t exactly like going through the rigours of Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

And aren’t Nicola Sturgeon and co supposed to be pretty hot on environmentalism? “Convoying” the Highlands in the cause of independence isn’t the best way to hit the boss’s next carbon neutral target. 

I do wonder if those taking part will be under the delusion that the noisier they are, this time with revved up engines, belching exhaust fumes and blaring horns, the more support they’ll attract. 

And that people trying to escape the fumes and the din will actually be looking on admiringly and thinking, gosh, how impressive, I’d love to be part of that.

Because they won’t.

I just hope the cavalcade in its joy doesn’t jam up the city even worse than it is. They’ll get a reaction if they do, but it won’t be the one they’re looking for.

Those taking part in this fun day out may enjoy it, but no-one else well.

And it has about as much chance of boosting support for independence as the London to Brighton vintage car rally. 

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