Too many follow Blackford’s ugly lead as hostility to English worsens

by Colin Campbell

A NEW opinion poll has found more than half – 54 per cent – of SNP supporters do not want English people to be allowed to cross the border “at this time” because of supposed coronavirus concerns.

That’s not much of a welcome.

Ian Blackford…English baiting at the border.

We’ve already seen the antics of SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford endorsing an abusively doctored sign at the border, we’ve had a rabble at the border hurling abuse at English people as they drove north, and Nicola Sturgeon’s been stoking it all up with her “we’ll quarantine them” fantasy.

And now this.

How many more snubs, insults and hostile gestures are to be slung at people south of the border before they turn on us and start viewing Scotland as a nation of hostiles and bigots they want nothing more to do with.

That, of course, would be very far from the truth – but it’s the nationalists who as usual attract all the attention with the noise they make.

The theory’s going around that these are deliberately divisive tactics adopted to achieve their dream of separation.

That they want to sicken the English so much with their unpleasantness and grievance-mongering that pressure will grow on Boris Johnson in England to grant a referendum in the hope that they’ll get rid of us once and for all.

SNP supporters I know don’t show any signs of anti English bigotry. Are they now in a moderate and rational minority?

If it wasn’t for English people coming here in large numbers the tourist industry would by now be stone dead and thousands of people in the Highlands who depend on it would have no jobs to go to. It is English visitors who are saving the industry and saving these jobs.

We already know a significant number of nationalists harbour grievances against the English going back centuries and they seem to be coming out of the woodwork in ever greater numbers, with the virus as a convenient excuse.

And there are no doubt some others who are genuinely and specifically concerned about the potential travel spread of the virus.

But that doesn’t add up to 54 per cent.

A poll like this, allied to the anti-English hostility we’ve already seen from supposedly responsible politicians, can only heighten concern that all too many separatists are not driven by an adventurous desire to explore opportunities for creating a thriving and prosperous independent Scotland.

But that they’re motivated by an obsession to “gain freedom” from the English as a cause in itself, and hell mend the consequences.

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