Harrying Johnson on Wester Ross family holiday smacked of vindictiveness

by Colin Campbell
Like him or loathe him, Boris Johnson deserved a family holiday break.

DID silver-tongued warthog Ian Blackford leak details of Boris Johnson’s holiday location to the media? The Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader denied it. But it would be par for the course for this malign political hypocrite to ignore the unwritten rule that even the fiercest rivals suspend hostilities and accept that everyone deserves a week away from the political fray at some point and should be left in peace.

However it came about, it enabled a local photographer to get the all-important pictures of the prime minister at a cottage he’d rented, believed to be in the Applecross area.

At least at first glance they seemed all-important, emblazoned on the front page of Friday’s Daily Mail. But on a second glance they didn’t seem so important at all. What, in fact was all the fuss about?

A cottage, a tent and an eminent holidaymaker. What, really, did that amount to? Johnson with his family was trudging around on what seemed to be a pretty grey and windswept day in Wester Ross. He wasn’t reclining in splendour and being fanned by a bevy of attendant servants in the Mandarin Oriental in Shanghai or the Hong Kong Shangri La.

And because of this exposure he was forced to cut his holiday short for security reasons.

Whatever else is said about him and whether you like him or loathe him – and I’m no great fan – he has been burdened by the biggest national health crisis in decades, and spent over a week very seriously ill in hospital after contracting the coronavirus.

Doesn’t any human being deserve to be left alone to have a short holiday in peace after going through all that?

The pursuit of him to the most remote of parts of the Highlands smacked of persecution and vindictiveness.

No matter the status or character of the victim, that doesn’t go down well with people who retain a vestige of belief that, at certain times, there’s a need for fair play.

Whether or not Blackford was responsible for leaking this to the media we do not categorically know.

But one certainty is that vindictiveness is something the odious “simple 10-acres crofter Blackford” certainly knows all about.

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