Evening up the score with Angus ‘the ghoul’ Robertson

by Colin Campbell
Ghoulish….Angus Robertson.

ANGUS “Counting the Dead” Robertson has written an article in the vile National explaining why “the dogs in the street can see Boris Johnson is bluffing” in his expressed determination to veto a second independence referendum.

The problem was it, predictably, explained nothing. A dog’s dinner of a piece from the former SNP deputy leader was merely another compilation of hope, fantasy and wishful thinking. Do these people never get tired of spinning the falsehood that Johnson’s position on indyref2 is “untenable” and “unsustainable” and that after next year’s Holyrood elections he will suddenly cave in and grant them what they want?

Apparently not.

Robertson’s view on Johnson’s mindset may fool the more gullible readers of the vile National, who are not small in number.

But he has carved a new niche for himself in the SNP hierarchy.

That is made up mainly of zealots, fantasists, chancers, and liars.

Robertson, who may himself be any or all of these, has however created a new strand – the ghoulish tendency.

He presented an arithmetical update on voting prospects for his phantom indyref2 when he implied that the death since 2014 of tens of thousands of older no voters greatly enhanced the likelihood of a positive result for the nationalists the second time around.

He wasn’t explicitly celebrating the loss of the elderly but he wasn’t exactly overflowing with lamentations about it either.

This set me thinking. I’m getting on in years myself. Another referendum could and probably will be years away, regardless of how the dogs in the street see it.

Is it possible that Angus Robertson, in the garden shed HQ of his grand sounding “Progress Scotland organisation”, could one day be contentedly ticking me off in his growing stack of dead elderly no voters.

That is a mortifying prospect. Imagine your last thought before the lights going out being that you’d given him and his ilk a numerical advantage.

But there’s another way that Robertson should perhaps be looking at it.

He’s no spring chicken himself, is fat and looks like he takes little or no exercise, all risk factors in early mortality.

Is it possible that he could be adding himself to his “Counting The Dead” list?

If I went that’d be one less no voter, but if he also went that’d be one less yes voter, which would even things up, and would in a sense be fair enough.

These may seem grim thoughts but trying to penetrate the mindset of some in the SNP inevitably takes you into dark places.

Right down there with the dogs in the street, in fact.

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