What would body language experts make of the ‘I forgot’ Sturgeon we’ve never seen before?

Nicola Sturgeon….forgetful.
by Colin Campbell

“ARE questions about Alex Salmond really the most important issue just now” was a main page headline in the vile National yesterday.

No, they certainly are not, particularly when they leave their heroine Queen Nicola writhing in embarrassment, or worse, when they’re being directed at her.

She claimed this week to have forgotten about a meeting she had when she first heard it was likely Salmond would face sexual harassment complaints.

She offered an explanation about this when pressed about it by Ruth Davidson at First Minister’s questions on Thursday.

As she spoke this was a Nicola Sturgeon we have never seen before.

There are body language experts who regularly appear on some of the innumerable TV channels available for viewing nowadays. Their role is usually to forensically assess the facial expressions and gestures of those who initially deny, often at pre-arranged police press conferences, committing heinous crimes of which they are later convicted. Their professional analyses often make compelling viewing.

No one is suggesting Sturgeon is in the heinous crimes category. But what would these same experts have made of her “I forgot” body language at FMQs?

Gone was the sombre, serious, confident, combative tone.

Instead there was an excess of nervous grinning and a couple of throaty chuckles of what almost sounded like laughter, presumably intended to show how relaxed and assured she was about it all.

We do not at this stage have absolute clarity on whether or not she was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

But her body language – what a giveaway.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to believe that it’s only three weeks since nationalists went into full-on grievance mode when the BBC decided to stop showing her daily virus updates, a decision the corporation later cravenly reversed.

There was outrage over the nation being denied full coverage of her words of daily wisdom, deemed essential to guide us safely through it all.

Since then we’ve had confusion bordering on turmoil over students returning en masse to university and super spreader halls of residence, another lockdown based on hope and guesswork which is going to  cause huge job losses in the hospitality industry, and virus infections in Scotland rising to the highest levels they’ve been since the whole thing began.

So much for those essential TV broadcasts.

And before long she’ll publish an SNP manifesto for next year’s Holyrood elections with the centrepiece being the need for her to lead Scotland to independence, in a bid to create turmoil and division on yet another front.

Maybe within it she’ll echo Donald Trump and say that in an independent Scotland the virus “will magically disappear”.

And maybe some of her supporters will believe that’s a very valid assertion and one well worth campaigning on on the doorsteps.


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