Sturgeon speaks candidly and attracts hatred from the sewer

by Colin Campbell

WHEN Nicola Sturgeon was asked at a briefing what she thought of a new opinion poll that came out the other day showing that support for independence had risen to 58 per cent she gave a terse response.

Nicola Sturgeon…candour and clarity.

She said that she would gladly give up any poll leads or “surges of support” if she could get rid of the coronavirus.

That was an instant response which maybe doesn’t bear too much analysis.

But unquestionably it was the right thing to say and will have struck a chord with many. Was it genuine? Well, I believe it was certainly her genuine feeling when she said it.

Most normal people of any and all political persuasions would agree wholeheartedly that the priorities expressed by the First Minister are the right ones.

This has not endeared her to a section of the nationalist movement who claim she is hiding behind the virus crisis to sideline their demands for action on independence.

With too much time on my hands I spent some time looking on social media at their views on how Sturgeon is using the virus as an excuse to take the focus off the independence issue.

Try as I might to keep politics out of it, these folk inhabit a sewer of twisted, warped selfishness.

It’s the only possible conclusion to draw from those who make such a claim.

They are not large in number, those who believe the current situation is a façade being cynically used by Nicola Sturgeon.

But they positively loathe and despise her for it, and they are very, very strange people.

The reality is it does normal, balanced people no good to venture into the depths inhabited by the extremists of the nationalist movement.

Yes, you can dismiss them as crazy people, but you still come out of it with a downbeat view of humanity over the fact that such attitudes exist.

Not often have I said many complimentary things about the independence movement. But none of the SNP/nationalists I know locally, and I could reel off a few well-known names, are like that. Anything but. And I’ve no doubt they’d be as revolted by the stench of extremism from the sewer as I was.

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