BBC licence boycott is a sinister SNP attempt to gain totalitarian control

Nationalists have been trying to intimidate and threaten the BBC for years.

SNP windbag Kenny MacAskill is urging pro-independence supporters to stop paying the BBC licence fee, part of a grievance-ridden campaign which has been rumbling on for some time now.

Does that mean those who refuse to pay up will align their protest with their principles and stop watching BBC Scotland, the main subject of their complaints?

At least if they did it might stop them perpetually whingeing about the non-existent bias they detect on their screens.

This is yet another blatant attempt to try and slant BBC coverage in the run-up to the Holyrood elections. MacAskill may currently be in the vanguard of this deliberate strategy but he has plenty others behind him, including most obviously the vile National. As just one example of their definition of BBC bias, when a newsclip repeated the response of an SNP politician who appeared on Question Time the following day, but for time limited reasons left out the subsequent ripple of applause, this was the subject of front page headlines and outrage.

These people are combing entire reels of BBC coverage to find the smallest fragments of triviality to complain about.

And the tactic is all too obvious. Complain often enough and loudly enough and their belief is it will have an impact. The BBC will never buckle entirely to the SNP but the nationalist hope is that constant criticism will have a psychological impact on the decision-making process, and will gradually wear BBC people down.

The SNP/nationalists lust for control over Scotland is chilling.

We already have an SNP First Minister who is able to change the way people conduct their lives just by standing at a podium and issuing an instruction.

We have new legislation being imposed by Hate Crimes Humza which would drastically curb and criminalise what we are allowed to say.

And now MacAskill and his large and ugly gang want to gain control of what we see and hear on our TV screens as well. And with their planned licence fee boycott they’re determined to do it.

They already have cowed much of the Scottish press – the Herald, the Scotsman, the Record, by making it clear they will stop buying papers which are overtly critical of the SNP, and these struggling publications cannot afford to lose any more readers or they will cease to exist.

The attack on the BBC is the boldest and most sinister move so far.

A decision by the BBC to limit the number of daily broadcasts by Nicola Sturgeon was, worryingly, reversed by intense nationalist pressure.

What other concessions could be made?

In terms of virus control Nicola Sturgeon has done little if any better than Boris Johnson, who has vastly more complex decisions to make. But what fair-minded person could say Sturgeon has been subjected to more than a fraction of the broadcasting criticism directed at Johnson.

If nationalists stop paying the licence fee in large numbers it will be the first clear indication that they are prepared to break the law in their fanatical demands for independence.

When Boris Johnson next year refuses to allow another referendum after the Holyrood elections there will be much more of that to come.

The majority of people who are are opposed to living in a totalitarian Scotland under oppressive nationalist rule may be focused on the virus just now but they should be aware of the nationalist onslaught that is coming.

Conciliation and concession don’t work in trying to appease them. Anyone who has been paying any kind of attention should be grimly aware of that by now.

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