Escorts ‘on tour’ in Inverness face advertising blankdown

ESCORTS “on tour” in Inverness are facing an advertising “blankdown” as a result of heightened concerns over the coronavirus.

The leading website advertising their services has acted to blank out much of the information normally provided, including services on offer and price charges.

It means escorts are restricted to uploading photographs and a few short words about themselves.

The restrictions were in place for several months at the height of the virus earlier in the year and then were dropped. But now they have been reimposed with the website warning:

Service User Notice:

We want everyone to stay at home to save lives. We are making temporary changes to the platform so users can only offer online services.

There is a contradiction involved because most escorts advertising are still available to see clients in person, but the blanked out information is presumably an attempt by the website to be seen to be acting responsibly.

From April to June and July the number of females coming to Inverness “on tour” as they describe their travels dropped to a tiny handful.

The vast majority, many from Eastern Europe, decided to avoid any risks.

However currently there are around 50 women advertising from flats rented across Inverness. Several other websites they use have no restrictions.

There is no evidence that they are spreading the virus, in fact the very low number of infections generally could be seen to suggest that they are not a risk factor.

However, clients are still wary.

One who made one 30 minute visit to an escort in a flat in the city’s Skinner Court told Inverness news and views: “There were more sprays and anti bacterial gels around than you’d find in Boots the Chemist. This woman, at least, was taking the virus risk very seriously indeed. But it’s still an awkward situation. For the time being at least, until things change I probably wouldn’t go back again.”

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