Ham actor and full-time dictator hammers the Highlands with grossly excessive and unjust restrictions

by Colin Campbell

SO numbed have many people become to living in a one party state ruled by the diktat of Nicola Sturgeon that reaction to her decision yesterday to propel the Highlands into the severest possible lockdown has been muted almost to the point of bowing and scraping subservience.

Inverness and the Highlands, about to plunged back into full lockdown.

That’s what happens after 10 months of being told when you can or can’t sit on a park bench and being indoctrinated on a daily basis by the Queen Nicola TV propaganda show.

Maybe we should be grateful she didn’t order everyone to take down their Christmas decorations and restrict Christmas dinners to baked beans on toast and cold custard.

What the hell is the justification for rocketing the Highlands up from tier 1 to tier 4 overnight and instantly turning the region from reasonable normality into a bound and gagged commercial wasteland?

Where is the scientific evidence to justify it? Where are the rising infection figures to justify it? Where is there any evidence to justify it?

A new more virulent strain of the virus has been detected in the south and it is spreading. But in a car-crash interview on the Andrew Marr TV programme the UK Government’s Matt Hancock twice said “we should all act as if we have the virus”.

Which taken literally would mean for the next 10 days we would not leave the house. Can these confused messages get any worse?

Ham actor Sturgeon this time told us it all makes her want to cry. That’s her latest scripted attempt at emoting to try and make us feel grief for the personal anguish she’s going through.

Daily infections in the Highlands are barely reaching double figures. The latest infection rate is 22 per 100,000.

Hospitals are operating normally and are unaffected.

People are wearing their face masks and going about their business.

Inverness city centre, with restrictions in place, almost looks like it has returned to the old normality.

Football clubs have limited numbers watching matches.

Echoing The Leader, Kate Forbes wants to start crying too.

And there is no evidence whatever of complacency setting in.

But now we are receiving a vicious kick in the teeth by being returned to full-on strangled lockdown.

It is an utterly inexplicable decision. And that’s the problem, when you’re living in a one party state, The dictator does not have to explain anything credible to those she rules over.

Full lockdown is disastrous news for shops, hotels, restaurants and pubs, and the leisure industry. If anyone’s entitled to shed a despairing tear it’s not Sturgeon, it’s the owners of businesses she’s ruining.

A new and more contagious strain of the virus has been detected but that’s still not sufficient justification for the draconian new restrictions to be imposed overnight on Inverness and the Highlands from Boxing Day onwards.

And don’t expect any SNP politicians around here to challenge this bombshell decision.

Our disgraceful lout of an MP Drew Hendry may act like Conan the Barbarian when he’s pulling stunts in the House of Commons but he wouldn’t dare raise a whimper against the commercial wreckage and personal suffering being inflicted on this area.

None of the other SNP’s yapping poodles are any better. Kate Forbes, the novice MSP who, God help us, has found she’s become finance minister, said: “Nicola Sturgeon said that these decisions made her want to cry – and I echo that sentiment.”

So she wants to cry too. It really is Stalinist, this nationalist cult with so many slavishly-devoted followers, in its ranks. No matter what Sturgeon says, no matter how pathetic or ridiculous it sounds, all those under her want to do is echo it. It’s chilling the grip Sturgeon has on these people.

But now Queen Nicola has spoken and that’s the end of it.

She has provided no justification whatever for hitting the Highlands with another full scale lockdown.

But yet again we see her demonstrate that she is The Leader who makes dramatic life-changing announcements and she alone is the holder of absolute power.




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