Gaelic fanatic Forbes joins nationalist crazy gang

by Colin Campbell

THE novice MSP Kate Forbes who, God help us, found herself suddenly elevated into the role of Scottish Government Finance Minister after her predecessor was caught sending dubious texts to a young teenage boy, was asked if she’d made a New Year resolution.

Kate Forbes.

She replied: “Not yet – I never keep them anyway.”

A more accurate reply surely would have been: “My New Year resolution is to financially ruin the country by dragging it into independence. Oh, and I also want to set up communities barred to anyone who can’t speak Gaelic.”

Yes, that would have been a more honest reply.

Forbes really does want to set up enclaves for Gaelic-speakers only, hard as that is to believe.

It’s not just the economic ruination of Scotland that makes the demands of these people so chilling. It’s their cultural mindset, nastiness and weirdness that sets at least some of them apart.

We have the cult of Sturgeon, where a tough but fair BBC interview with Andrew Marr two weeks ago resulted in a record number of complaints because he had the audacity to pose challenging questions to The Great Leader.

We have MP Mhairi Black, who thought it was acceptable to let a drag artist called Flo Job address a class of young primary schoolchildren.

We have a party heavily influenced by transgender fanatics who believe it is wickedly unacceptable to say that a man is a man, and a woman is a woman.

We have Hate Crimes Humza, who wants to drastically curb the limits of free speech, and what we are allowed to say or write.

We have money-grubbing hypocrites like Ian Blackford, who claims to be a “simple 10 acres crofter”, but who raked in £256,000 expenses from a Westminster system he claims he wants to destroy.

We have the relentless English-hating and English-baiting which would, if their independence dream ever was achieved, cause tens of thousands of English folk to leave the country.

We have Angus “the ghoul” Robertson counting up the number of elderly people who have died since 2014, making the assumption most would have voted against independence, and concluding that this is a significant boost for the indy campaign.

We have the latest twist in which the SNP want to break away from the UK but become subservient to the EU, which not only would mean mass immigration when we don’t have the homes, schools or NHS services to cope, but would mean people living in Scotland would have freedom of movement with Warsaw, Brussels, and Bucharest, but not with Manchester, Birmingham and London.

And now we have Kate Forbes with her ever-charming smile wanting Gaelic-only enclaves from which anyone who couldn’t speak the language would be barred.

Does it get any stranger than that?

Forbes at least admits this would be “controversial” but says it could help preserve and foster the language and would be supportive of Gaelic. The logic of this escapes me. If in these places everyone only spoke Gaelic to each other, what would that do to spread the language among non-speakers?

We already have public services like the NHS, fire brigade and police – not to mention our councils – riddled with rules on policies they have to follow to help “promote” Gaelic.

But for extremists like Kate Forbes, even that’s not enough. As SNP Finance Minister she’s got plenty time on her hands in the worst UK financial crisis for decades. All she has to do is sit and watch billions of pounds in furlough money and other support pour north from Westminster, while occasionally whining about the need for the SNP Government to have additional borrowing powers. Given their track record on financial prudence so far, I wouldn’t lend Forbes a fiver if she promised to pay it back next Wednesday.

So she’s not very busy while Westminster takes care of all our problems. But Gaelic-only communities? Couldn’t even she have spent her spare time dreaming up something less fantastical than that?


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