SNP charlatans warned of horrors of a no deal Brexit. Now they’re voting for a no deal Brexit

by Colin Campbell

THE SNP, who a week ago were warning of the horrendous consequences of a no deal Brexit, are to vote against the government’s deal with the EU, thus effectively voting for a no deal Brexit.

Blackford…fish, potatoes, and haddock suppers.

Sometimes with these Westminster charlatans you really couldn’t make it up.

The grievance they’ve come up with this time relates to seed potatoes and fish. They had to come up with something.

But how much do MPs like political hypocrite Ian Blackford and disgraced lout Drew Hendry really care about seed potatoes and fish?

Its all about grievance, division and divide.

By the corpulent look of him the only time Blackford thinks about potatoes and fish is when he’s gorging on his latest haddock supper.

Hendry has gone very quiet since his disgraceful antics in grabbing the mace and being banned for five days from the House of Commons. I suspect he now realises blatantly cynical stunts like that don’t go down well with reasonably minded people in these parts, and that this has done immeasurable harm to the reputation he had as a moderate and reasonable MP. And he’s certainly right about that.

The ongoing sound and fury from the SNP is laying their groundwork for the Holyrood elections in May, the so called “independence election”.

If they do well in that poll any passing jubilation will rapidly be replaced by the realisation that they then have a very serious problem. What do they do next?

Several articles in the mainstream media, who are increasingly fearful of the nationalists boycotting their already struggling papers, have suggested this would pile the pressure on Boris Johnson and could lead to him caving in on his pledge to refuse under any circumstances to grant a section 30 order for another independence referendum.

It could, but with 100 per certainty it won’t.

So, with the zealots in “the base” foaming at the mouth with fury and frustration, what will Sturgeon and co do about it?

After six years, with so much unexplained on currency, pensions, mortgages, the deficit and how they’d compensate for the loss of the nearly £2000 a year in extra public spending every man, woman, and child in Scotland gets compared with people south of the border, they still have no credible “Plan B”.

They would be urged to challenge the section 30 refusal in the courts. But even in the highly unlikely event they were successful, that would not be acceptable to the vast majority of people who want to stay in the UK.

Eminent men in wigs are masters of their domain when they deal with cases of criminality. But any  decision which could lead to the break up of the UK and have a disastrous impact on Scotland for years ahead would be considered by the majority of people to be well outside their pay grade.

Sturgeon under extreme pressure could try and hold an illegal referendum organised by the Scottish Parliament with a pro-independence majority.

Nationalist would turn out in droves but it would almost certainly be boycotted by everyone else. Decisive outcome? Laughing stock more like.

So the SNP can this week vote for a no deal Brexit, after being denied the no deal Brexit chaos they craved. But beyond that they can look forward to a year of internal turmoil, dispute, and rancour.

I had look at what the bookies are making of all this. Theyre offering 14-1 against a 2021 referendum. The shortest odds are on a  a poll after 2025, which sounds about right. If anyone’s still interested by then.

So Blackford and Hendry and co, whose genuine commitment to indyref2 is already being seriously questioned by many nationalists, look safe at Westminster for the foreseeable future, free to enjoy the perks and privileges and vast salaries and expenses to which they have become so richly accustomed.


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