In best journalistic tradition, our (very brief) review of 2020

by Colin Campbell

AT this time of year it is virtually a mandatory requirement of newspapers to carry a very lengthy “Review of the Year”.

During my four and more decades working on papers I was several times given the thoroughly onerous and unwelcome task of producing these things myself.

Latterly I was in the more satisfying position of being able to delegate them out to some other unfortunate to do.

Their main purpose is to fill very large amounts of space at a time when general news is in short supply, and are used as a way of filling pages with nothing much else to go in them.

It is the dreariest undertaking for any reporter to trawl through the bits and pieces of news chronicled from January to December and turn them into a “Review”.

No-one reads it anyway.

Inverness news and views, which will tomorrow enter our third year in hale and hearty form after being launched in January, 2019, has featured more than 200 articles in the past 12 months. If you need reminding about the events of 2020 just scroll down, they’re all down below.

Inevitably, the vast majority of them have been related to the virus.

Plenty material there, surely, for a “Review”.

But as we don’t have the need to fill space or pad out papers we’ve decided against doing anything of the sort.

Does anyone want or need to be reminded of the events of 2020? Most people, we’d imagine, are more than keen to forget them.

However we will not completely shun the great journalistic tradition of featuring a review of the 12 months gone by.

So our Review is:

2020 almost from first to last was a horrible, ghastly, demoralising, dispiriting and depressing ***** of a year that we’re hugely relieved to see the back of and never want to live through again.


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