Hendry so concerned about mental health, but SNP plans for 2021 would destroy it

Drew Hendry.
by Colin Campbell

INVERNESS MP Drew Hendry has a link to The Samaritans posted at the top of his Twitter site.

This organisation as we know is where people turn to when they have reached the end of their tether, and a very fine job it does.

Hendry’s post accords with his frequent expressions of concern about the rise in mental health problems, particularly in recent times.

And yet there is a huge contradiction within this supposedly caring, sharing concern for others.

Hendry’s party leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford, has said there MUST be another independence referendum this year.

So if that schedule was followed we’d emerge stumbling out half alive from the worst health crisis in 100 years and go straight into the most divisive political crisis in 300 years.

What would that do for our mental health, apart from destroy whatever’s left of it?

Drew Hendry may be no Brain of Britain but he’s no fool either.

And I really would like him to explain how the lingering stress, anxiety and trauma from the virus wouldn’t be greatly exacerbated among many people by being plunged into an incredibly stressful conflagration over the future of the entire country, with an outcome that would be life-changing for everyone.

But he won’t try and explain that clear and obvious danger to mental health in Scotland and the Highlands because he can’t.

I don’t know precisely where he stands on the timing of another referendum. But essentially he is a party toady, like the rest of his Westminster SNP colleagues, so I doubt if he would contradict the odious Ian Blackford.

Hendry is not a vicious man but if he really does share the warped ambitions of his Westminster leader he is driven by cruelly vicious intentions.

And if he does share Blackford’s views on a referendum this year he is not a soothing influence in promoting mental health but a diabolically menacing threat to it.

And it takes more than his caring, sharing Samaritans post on his Twitter site to counter that all too obvious reality.

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