Sturgeon is lying through her teeth: and with friends like Blackford, who needs enemies

by Colin Campbell
Nicola Sturgeon… ‘I forgot’.

SO Ian Blackford says Nicola Sturgeon has “acted honourably” throughout the Alex Salmond affair.

The Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader sprung to her defence at the weekend after Salmond released yet more detailed and damning allegations against Sturgeon following his trial on a series of sexual charges involving women. He was acquitted on all of them.

The first thing to say is that if Ian Blackford thinks Sturgeon’s in the right then by default she must be in the wrong.

And the second is that I haven’t heard a more inappropriate use of the word “honourably” since Prince Andrew said in his notorious TV interview with Emily Maitlis that the reason he’d failed to sever links with his paedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein was because he tended to be “too honourable”.

Sturgeon is in a deep hole in the Salmond affair.

And with friends like the money grubbing political hypocrite Blackford stepping up to defend you, who needs enemies?

She’s obviously been lying through her teeth.

There’s a great deal of legalese swirling around this but for me it comes down to her claim that she “forgot” about the meeting when she was first told about the allegations against her predecessor as First Minister.

Her explanation: “For context I think the meeting took place not long after the weekly session of FMQs and in the midst of a busy day in which I would have been dealing with a multitude of other matters.

“However, from what I recall, the discussion covered the fact that Alex Salmond wanted to see me urgently about a serious matter, and I think it did cover the suggestion that the matter might relate to allegations of a sexual nature.”

And this meeting slipped her mind, apparently.

Because she had a busy day the Salmond claims were just something else that cropped up with other stuff going on, and she “forgot” she’d been told of them.

Is anything else needed as a trigger to hurl “liar, liar” accusations at Nicola Sturgeon?

“For context” even I know exactly where I was when I learned of these claims. It was at the newsstand in Tesco Metro around midday when any and all other thoughts were driven from my mind as I gaped at the Salmond sex scandal headlines emblazoned over the front page of the Daily Record. People were almost jostling to get hold of the paper to read about it.

And Sturgeon was told about these allegations at a meeting and “forgot” about them?

I know nationalists are used to being fed a diet of lies by SNP politicians on an entire range of issues but even so does anyone – anyone – believe that claim by Nicola Sturgeon?

Blackford wobbling to her rescue with his assertion that she “acted honourably” does her no good whatever. He is disliked by many party members and viewed with outright contempt by most other people.

Maybe Sturgeon will return the favour by insisting that this odious character really is a “simple 10-acres crofter” after all.

Whether or not this will cost the SNP votes in the May elections – if they go ahead – is very much open to question.

Nationalists have been either lied to or completely misled over currency, a hard border with England, the chances of rejoining the EU, the Gers figures, the extra £2,000 a head in public spending Scots receive compared with those south of the border, and who’ll pay our pensions, among other things. Not to mention the fiction that Sturgeon has had “a good virus” with infections again spiralling completely out of control.

So what are the chances of Sturgeon emerging as a liar making any difference to their support?

Of course the biggest lie of all they’re being fed in advance of the May election is that another independence referendum WILL be held this year. Blackford gets the credit for that one.

We’ll have to see if any dent is made in Queen Nicola’s crown as a result of the Salmond affair.

But given the nationalists seemingly limitless capacity for swallowing bull****, I certainly wouldn’t bet on it.

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