City escorts flee mutant variant, but some linger on

A fake picture of a top model which is being used to advertise Inverness escort services.

THE majority of escorts “on tour” in Inverness have left the Highland capital as it faces the impact of the new mutant strain of the coronavirus, but a small number are still working in the city.

Escort numbers plummeted during the first wave of the virus. But in the autumn many returned to rented flats across Inverness when infection rates here fell to almost zero.

But with the arrival of the new, much more contagious strain, Inverness is no longer the relatively safe haven it has been up to now.

Yet while most have left some escorts are still advertising their services online, around 20 in all.

There is no evidence that escorts, whatever services they are offering, are responsible for spreading the virus. But equally there is no evidence that clients who visit them, particularly older men, are not placing themselves at risk.

Inverness has in recent years attracted large numbers of women who hike up their prices in the Highland capital.

Support groups have been set up to assist women who have quit because of the virus and are left with no source of income. A large proportion are from Eastern Europe.

Websites advertising the services of Inverness escorts have now adopted the bizarre practice of providing phone numbers but blurring out other information.

The number of clients still visiting escorts is unknown. But the risks posed by close contact in all circumstances with the mutant strain running rampant in the Highlands are all too well known.

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