Ex-local councillor in meteoric rise to become multi billion pound business expert

by Colin Campbell
Multi-billion pound UK business expert Drew Hendry.

INVERNESS MP Drew Hendry is demanding a “fiscal stimulus” from Westminster of £98billion.

Hendry who is the SNP’s “business spokesman” in the UK parliament, has repeated calls for the chancellor to confirm he will extend business support for as long as necessary.

How Hendry through some meteoric rise has become such a multi-billion pound expert on business God only knows. Not so long ago his main business was in scrabbling together a few hundred votes to be elected to Highland Council.

But that demand for a mere £98billion is a neat touch, isn’t it. Not £100billion, a couple of bill short of that.

It suggests he sat down with his pocket calculator and arrived at an astronomical but exact figure of what’s required.

In reality, I suspect his financial expertise amounts to little more than being able to tot up his vast Westminster expenses.

Nevertheless, he may well be the best at Westminster the SNP have got. After all, when they’ve got the likes of Ian Blackford as their leader down there, the bar for knowledge and expertise is set very, very low.

Hendry powered on: “The SNP has consistently called for the chancellor to extend business support for as long as necessary – and to do so in enough time to allow businesses to plan and prepare. We cannot have another eleventh hour announcement from the Tory government that could cripple even more businesses.

“UK ministers’ dithering and half-hearted support has already jeopardised many firms and local businesses, and done nothing to stem the tide of rising unemployment. It is time they took their heads out of the sand, showed some leadership and do what needs to be done to save businesses and protect livelihoods.”

In an independent Scotland without billions of UK Government support there would have been no furlough scheme, and businesses still struggling to stay alive would have perished months ago. Unemployment would be endemic and people would be begging in the streets.

Not that Drew Hendry or any of the rest of his grievance-mongering cronies are ever going to “get their heads out of the sand” and admit that.

So the message from Hendry to Westminster remains the same: “We detest you and we want rid of you, but keep shovelling those billions of pounds to us north of the border.

“And don’t forget to keep paying my vast salary into my bank account – and don’t forget my expenses”!

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