Now taxi drivers want to jump vaccine queue with callouts for priority

by Colin Campbell

INVERNESS taxi drivers have signed up for a national campaign that they should be treated as key workers and should jump the queue for vaccination.

Their argument seems to be that they ferry other key workers like NHS staff around so they should also get vaccine priority.

There’s no chance of this happening but I suppose it was worth a try.

Their argument may not be totally without merit but the number of priority workers has to be kept to reasonable proportions, and taxi drivers, like store staff, bus drivers and others who deal directly with the public can’t all be allowed to get a prime spot in the queue or else half the country would be claiming priority.

A relative of mine works with a large number of kids in a nursery. There’s no word of her getting early vaccination, nor is she seeking it.

Taxi drivers could limit fares to back seats only and put up glass or plastic screens to separate themselves from the public if they’re very worried about risk. But I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to do that as it would cost money at a time when they’re facing the same financial struggles as so many other people.

It would, however, help them and everyone else if there was some clarity on when people in Scotland outwith the priority groups will get the vaccine.

All we’re hearing at the moment relates to Scottish Government hopes and aims and expectations which seem to be changing all the time.

It’s still early days and no-one should underestimate the scale of the challenge involved.

People will have to patient. But before long the demands for “where and when” clarity on vaccination, from cab drivers and everyone else, are liable to become very loud indeed.

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