Hendry signs up as nationalist extremists plumb new depths

by Colin Campbell

THREE days ago I reported here that Inverness MP Drew Hendry had had nothing to say about the SNP’s decision to start the push for an illegal referendum at the very height of the pandemic. Apart from his mace-grabbing antics in the House of Commons a few weeks ago, up to now he has shown no extremist tendencies.

It’s time for an update on that.

Disgraced Drew Hendry first showed he’d gone over to the wild side when he tried to make off with the mace from the House of Commons.

Hendry gave a nod of approval to an illegal referendum on Monday when he stated, “Scotland must and will have their (sic) democratic right to choose a better future with independence.”

And he followed that up yesterday when he said: “I’m delighted to have signed the yes challenge pledge….you can sign the pledge too to state your belief in Scotland.”

The “yes challenge pledge” is a campaign which was launched by the vile National yesterday to raise support for independence directly on the back of the weekend announcement by the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon that they intend to hold an illegal referendum if the necessary permission from Westminster is refused.

So is Hendry now pretty much on board, pretty much all in?

The man who didn’t have the guts to mention independence once in his campaign material last December in case it cost him votes has transformed.

It appears he’s joined the nationalist band who believe that the cause of independence takes priority above all else, pandemic or no pandemic.

They seem more concerned about gaining support for their cause than they are about virus deaths and vaccines.

To be honest, at the weekend Sturgeon and the SNP temporarily knocked the wind out of my sails. I had formed a view of the mindset of the extreme element of the cult.

But it still beggared belief that they could launch this new independence drive with its commitment to illegality at this time, when the UK as a whole has just reached a virus death toll of 100,000, with Scotland recording, proportionately, almost as many deaths as the rest of the UK.

It’s callous, it’s heartless, it’s sickening and it’s hateful.

Nicola Sturgeon has caved in to the most rabid fanatics in the nationalist movement who believe any price is worth paying for independence, even in the midst of a pandemic.

That truly shows up – as never before – what kind of people they are.

Their actions are utterly contemptible, about the most moderate description I can think of.

I hope and pray that normal, decent people who up to now may have taken a benign view of the SNP/nationalists will now begin to look at them in a different light, and see what a reckless and dangerous element has taken charge.

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