How to win support and influence people: Open up to them a new world of viciously rampant bile and bigotry, and grievance mongering without end

by Colin Campbell

A NEW pro-independence drive that disgraced lout Drew Hendry has endorsed so enthusiastically has been launched by the vile National newspaper.

The Inverness MP who tried to make off with the mace from the House of Commons in a fit of rage a few weeks ago on Wednesday said. “I’m delighted to have signed the yes challenge pledge…you can sign the pledge too at to state your belief in Scotland.”

So what is this initiative and what does it involve?

The vile National explains:

“We want YOU to help us convert at least one undecided voter each to independence over the next three months. All you need to do is nominate somebody who is on the fence about independence – and we’ll help you make the case. To do this, we will provide you with a code which will grant 12 weeks’ access to The National for free, with no card details required. Then, we simply ask you to give that code to your undecided voter, and make sure they sign up to the campaign. Not only will they have complete access to everything in the daily newspaper, but we’ll also directly send them a special new series of 24 articles which build up the case for Yes.”

Their aim to convert undecided voters seems an obvious move.

But the major flaw is in offering people who have not yet read it access to the paper itself.

I’ve often thought, because I quite often buy this thing to keep an eye on what appears there, how welcome it would be if everyone in Scotland received a free copy of the National, with the incentive of winning a day trip to Nicola Sturgeon’s Govan constituency if they could correctly add up the number of distorted, poisonous, grievance-mongering stories and letters that appeared in the pages of any particular issue.

This would encourage them to actually read it rather than bin it.

It’s said one single exposure to the joys of crack cocaine can hook you on it for life.

By the same token, one single exposure to the National could put you off the cause of independence and the people driving the case for it for life.

It’s the favoured organ of the most extreme elements of the nationalist movement, including the unhinged, the certifiable, the complete nut jobs, mostly found in the letters pages, but scattered throughout the rest of it as well.

These are the kind of people who’d think Nicola Sturgeon’s pandemic declaration that she intends to hold an illegal referendum doesn’t go half far enough. Some of them don’t want another referendum, but believe the SNP should make a Unilateral Declaration of Independence and that’ll be an end to the matter. Many of them want May’s Holyrood elections to be twisted into a referendum in itself, and if a majority of pro-independence MSPs are returned then that’s it settled as well. Some advocate civil disobedience on a widespread scale – trouble on the streets in other words. And any people opposed to them can just go to hell.

And they have some prize columnists on offer, like former SNP MP George Kerewan who wrote that the May elections should be a mandate for independence, and added: “And what better time than May, as the full negative implications of the Brexit deal are revealed and the economy locks into mass unemployment. Popular discontent in Scotland will be at its peak. What better time to seek endorsement for Scottish self-determination.”

That’s sick as a dog that’s swallowed too much chocolate.

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Earlier in the year we highlighted the slew of anti-English headlines throughout its pages, catering to the countless English haters in the nationalist movement. Sheer, disgusting bigotry.

What the “undecided voter” reading the National for the first time would definitely not find are answers to any of the questions they might reasonably have, on what currency an independent Scotland would use, or the effects on jobs, savings and mortgages, or how it would compensate for the loss of the extra £2000 per head extra it receives in public spending, or how it would deal with a hard border separating it from its closest neighbour, or the impact that would have on trade, or how it would cope with having the largest deficit in Europe, or how much it would cost to set up a new army, navy and airforce, or whether it would be able to join the EU, or how it would pay the pensions of the elderly.

Because they don’t care about any of these things. “They can all be sorted out later”, and if the result is the wreckage of people’s jobs and lives and futures, for generations to come, so be it. For them, any price is worth paying for independence, and for freedom from the tyranny of the hated English oppressor.

So good luck to our disgraced lout of an MP as he actively promotes this new independence initiative. And good luck to the vile National as it tries to open up its pages to more and more “undecideds”.

If they enjoy the viciously rampant bile and bigotry, and the endless grievance-mongering, they’ll be converted to vote for independence. If they don’t, with all those unanswered questions, there’ll be only one way their vote will go.

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