Supporters turn on blowhard Blackford, sick of him being the laughing stock of Westminster

by Colin Campbell

IAN Blackford is a bellowing political hypocrite who is a complete and utter embarrassment to Scotland. That I believe is the settled will of the majority of Scottish people.

Ian Blackford… under heavy fire from his own side.

But following his sacking of Joanna Cherry, the Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader is now a wide, corpulent target for activists within his own party as well.

Odium is being splattered over his bulging waistcoat from people on his own side.

Here are a range of comments on him yesterday from members of the cult who are subscribers to the vile National:

I THINK just seeing Ian Blackford being used by the Tories in Westminster as a figure of fun is not only embarrassing it’s also quite upsetting. Blackford’s main function in the English parliament seems only to be providing cheap laughs for the Tory MPs in the English parliament. The way they sneer and make a fool of him is painful to see.

WHOEVER is leader (at Westminster) should be really good at answering back with a witty and effective put down. Sadly Blackford isn’t one of them.

BLACKFORD does a good impression of a Disney cartoon character.

HAVING MPs from Scotland with a big ego is good. It’s the cringers like Mr Blackford who stand while the Tories make a fool of him and make him the butt of all their unionist cheap jokes that are awful.

BLACKFORD has handled this very badly. He paid tribute to some leaving front bench posts but ignored Cherry. That’s unbelievably unprofessional. This vicious in-fighting is not attractive and it’s quite shocking that those indulging in it can’t see the damage it does to public confidence.

HE’S proven himself to be weak, unable to handle someone who is strong and able. A strong leader would welcome competition, he sacks it. Perhaps he was under threat of being replaced as Leader at Westminster, looking at those on his front bench.

WELL, you are certainly a team player, Mr Blackford – you play for the opposition team. What was that you said about Brexit? Oh, yes, we will not be taken out of the EU against our will. You really played a blinder there, didn’t you? An own goal.

 FRANKLY, I would have preferred Ian Blackford leaving the SNP front bench and for Joanna Cherry to be SNP’s lead in Westminster especially with the Holyrood election in the offing. He’s just a blowhard.

MR Blackford is a yes man, who knows his place. It’s a disgrace that no one is allowed to take Sturgeon’s leadership into account when she has failed to deliver independence time and time again.

IT should have been Blackford who got the sack and Cherry who got his job. Blackford has no respect in the Commons and hasn’t made any headway for the party in all his time there. His only asset is perfect attendance.

These are just some of the contemptuous views presented by nationalists following the sacking of Cherry.

But at last those on both sides of the independence divide can finally agree on something.

Particularly pertinent is the view of the contributor who said the SNP leader at Westminster “should be really good at answering back with a witty and effective putdown. Sadly Blackford isn’t one of them”.

How right he is about that. His predecessor in Ross-shire, Charles Kennedy, would have brilliantly batted away remarks directed him at PMQs with the quick and agile wit of Ricky Gervais.

Blackford has three modes, bluster, indignation and outrage, and absolutely nothing else. Some of his SNP cohorts at Westminster get furious when rival politicians openly mock and make fun of him. What do they expect? If he EVER came out with a witty retort to anything it would be a collector’s item, but he doesn’t, because he can’t.

The bellowing script we know off by heart. “Insult to the people of Scotland….Shameful Tory outrage….Dragged out of the EU against our will…The people of Scotland demand independence”….and then he sits down on his backside as MPs groan and gratefully move on.

He is an odious character for his “I’m a simple 10 across crofter” riff while at the same time, at the last count, raking in £252,000 in annual expenses from a system he claims he wants to destroy. He’s even more so when he makes pathetic attempts to tickle the fancy of “the base” with disgraceful anti-English comments.

Many of us have been perplexed by how he gets away with it, and how even the SNP mob at Westminster including ex-councillors as dull as Drew Hendry can’t come up with someone sharper, more skilful, and more appealing to the general public than Ian Blackford. That mystery remains.

But it’s clear many nationalists actually view him with the same contempt as the rest of us. And with the turmoil now engulfing the SNP at all levels, the dam has finally broken and their contempt has come flooding out.


One thought on “Supporters turn on blowhard Blackford, sick of him being the laughing stock of Westminster

  1. scottish nasty party not in flow with the population get them gone at the next available opprtunity.done more damage to scotland than hitler done during second world war.


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