Time to end grovelling subservience of taking the knee

by Colin Campbell

SCOTLAND’S superb rugby victory over England on Saturday has been overshadowed in the minds of some people by the Scots players failure to drop down into a grovelling posture before kick off and “take the knee”.

Those condemning the players automatically expert universal support for their criticism.

I’ve no doubt however that a large number of sports fans have had enough of seeing this kneel down nonsense every week and heartily approve of what the players did.

What is it for? What does it mean anymore? It is hopelessly played out and should have been ended long ago.

It began of course after the killing of a black man, George Floyd, by police in Minneapolis.

And it has slumped on ever since.

Have those who believe it’s still essential bothered to update themselves with how the murder case against these officers is progressing, where the court procedure stands at the moment? Somehow I doubt it.

On a broader level it is viewed as a declaration of solidarity against racism. I think we now get that. The point was made months ago and it is wholly unnecessary to continue making it on a weekly basis from the Floyd killing until the end of time.

The only backlash against it up to now came when some among a limited number of Millwall football supporters admitted to a match half-heartedly raised a few jeers against it.

The sporting authorities, particularly the SFA, have seen no similar revolt because no fans have been allowed into grounds. If supporters had been admitted there would have been growing antipathy to this gesture, which is aimed at placating those who detect racism in every sphere of human life.

Well, not everyone sees things that way. Or why this continues to be dragged into every sporting venue seemingly without end.

And by now, if it was still going on around grounds with fans present, I’d hope and expect the majority of people who believe it has become a meaningless,  fatuous PC gesture would be making their feelings vocally known.

Hopefully the Scotland rugby players have set a sporting example which will now be followed at other sports venues.

We’ve seen enough of the cringe inducing subservience of taking the knee.


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