Ultimate tribute to cult Leader: Publisher presents the collected speeches of Nicola Sturgeon, from 2014 to the present day

by Colin Campbell

A PUBLISHER has come up with the chance for her followers to engage in the ultimate act of Sturgeon worship. They are producing a book dedicated to speeches she’s made.

Nicola Sturgeon…her words of wisdom enshrined.

Women Hold Up Half The Sky as its titled is due to be released on May 10.

Published independently of the Scottish Government (I’d certainly think so too) and the SNP, the book covers Nicola Sturgeon’s speeches from when she was elected in 2014 right up to the present day.

Its editor said: “I did research into the First Minister’s speeches and they were wide, detailed and varied. I thought they could show the breadth of Nicola Sturgeon’s thinking.”

The book contains 40 of her speeches, whittled down from a selected total of 120.

That must have been a fun task.

Let’s hope Waterstones in the Eastgate centre is open by May 10. People could be queueing round the block.

The breadth of Nicola Sturgeon’s thinking has not been too obvious to many people.

It starts with a scowling demand for independence, ends with a glowering demand for independence, and has a grievance ridden demand for independence in the middle as well.

Will it include the nasty little speech she made on the Andrew Marr TV show two weeks ago when, at the height of the pandemic, she announced she will press ahead with an illegal referendum if necessary?

At a time when she should be focused on the virus and the vaccine and nothing else, that was sickeningly divisive and unnecessary.

And I think in that particular speech she just went too far, dismaying, at the very least, many people who believe that she has done reasonably well over the past 11 months and who might have been inclined to give her their backing in the upcoming May elections.

Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying that Nicola Sturgeon has – not just over the past year but for the past six years – dominated our lives like no other politician in living memory.

Her thoughts, her words, her actions have been inescapable. And always lurking in the background has been her obsession with independence.

But her grossly ill-timed illegal referendum declaration may well have been a tipping point for many people. How many folk at that point quietly said to themselves – enough!

However, the publishers are not producing this book to throw money away. They obviously believe a significant number of her followers are so entranced by Nicola Sturgeon that they will actually buy it just to read back over speeches she’s made.

It’s unlikely to end up on the bookshelves of many reasonable-minded independence supporters.

However, as special gifts go, this book could still be a number one bestseller among the hardcore, most fervent members of the Sturgeon cult. What devoted follower would want to be without it? Maybe it should be carried around at all times, with certain passages being learned off by heart. The Central Command of The Party might expect nothing less.

However I hope due account has been taken of the palpable tension and friction in the air within the SNP. The hierarchy are at each other’s throats, and no amount of pleading for pre-election harmony and unity seems able to quell the seething discontent and division.

The level of infighting among them is becoming uglier with each passing day. And with the Alex Salmond affair due to be played out at publicly broadcast hearings over the next couple of weeks (watchable online) it seems inevitable that it will worsen.

The cult-like infatuation with Nicola Sturgeon may rapidly be coming to an end.

Maybe the publisher should hold off from that May publication date in case there is one speech by the Great Leader that is crucially omitted.

That’s one that many of us would buy this book 10 times over to read.

Her last, final, farewell speech.

One thought on “Ultimate tribute to cult Leader: Publisher presents the collected speeches of Nicola Sturgeon, from 2014 to the present day

  1. The people of Scotland really need to think seriously what they want in the future. This continually attacking of the English could lead the people of England to say enough is enough and stop buying things from Scotland and stop coming to holiday in Scotland because you people don’t like us English. So then remember 67% of all Scottish goods are sold into the rest of the UK. Remember the words, do not bite the hand that feeds you.


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