Indyref2 in 2021? If you believe Blackford, an easy way to make money

by Colin Campbell

IF Ian Blackford has any spare cash – and Blackford has plenty spare cash – he should put his money where his mouth is on when the next independence referendum will take place.

The Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader is on record as assuring SNP cult members emphatically that it WILL take place in 2021.

Ian Blackford.

Well if he wants to take the bookies up on their offer which is now available the “simple 10 acres crofter” could afford a new tractor with his winnings.

Or more likely another Range Rover to add to whatever fleet of them he has over in Skye, after buying his wife a luxury Ranger in Inverness last year.

As of today the bookies are offering 10/1 against indyref2 taking place this year.

That’s surely an unmissable opportunity for a money-grubber like Blackford.

He may be an odious political hypocrite but as a former banker financially he’s no fool.

He’s already proved that by raking in £252,000 expenses at the last count from Westminster.

If he dumped all that on at 10/1 he could emerge with enough to have no worries whatsoever about economic experts predicting financial disaster for an independent Scotland.

Not that he’ll have any financial worries anyway, unlike those gullible enough to believe the blizzard of SNP lies about the increased prosperity indy will bring with pensions increasing, well-paid jobs for all, and benefits being shelled out by welfare clerks handing out tenners by the bundle.

A croft in Skye? If independence ever does happen it would be a luxury villa in the Cayman Islands by private jet for the supreme nationalist chancer when the impoverished ex-SNP mob started trying to track him down to find out why he’d so blatantly deceived them.

I suspect he wouldn’t hang around to offer them jobs lifting tatties or trying their hand at sheep shearing.

When the ordure hit the fan he’d be the first to make his escape. Along with quite a few other SNP political freeloaders who’d have made sure that they, at least, wouldn’t suffer any pain, no matter how quickly “freedom” became serfdom for many.

That, in fact, is the worst aspect of this whole independence con-trick – that those who peddled it would not stay around to take the blame.

That they’d quietly fade into the background and live off their ill-gotten gains leaving others to face the heat.

The only heat I could see Blackford and his affluent cronies being exposed to would be a burning sun on deckchairs in the Caribbean.

But he and the rest of them, including Mike Russell, who has also said a referendum WILL take place in 2021, will not take the bookies up on their generous offer.

Because they know there is no chance of an indyref2 being held this year.

It’s a lie peddled to try and keep the faithful onside for the May elections. And, given the bitter infighting and seething discontent within the SNP, they have to try every trick in the book.

The bookies offer refers, of course, to a legal referendum carried out with a section 30 order being granted by Westminster. And there’s zero chance of that happening.

It does not refer to a phoney illegal referendum of the kind dreamed up by Nicola Sturgeon which would turn the nationalist movement into an international laughing stock.

So while the leading SNP chancers will still insist that a referendum will be held this year, they won’t be going anywhere near the bookies to place a bet on it. That you can bet on.

Nicola Sturgeon is at 7/4 to last out the year. Political punters should grab that while it’s there, because the odds will shorten before too long.

The SNP are in meltdown. They have no idea how to proceed if they win a majority in the May elections. When Boris Johnson reminds them about that “once in a generation pledge” in 2014 and rejects an indyref2 demand out of hand my bet is that the likeliest outcome will be what some of the lunatic fringe are already calling for, namely civil disorder, which means trouble on the streets. If they’re not lying down and blocking traffic or some such, maybe they’ll find some building to storm, like those admirable Trump supporters in Washington.

That will not be welcome but it may be inevitable. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. Then again, if it does the nationalists can most assuredly write off any hopes of independence for years ahead. The vast majority of people would find “civil disobedience” disrupting daily life utterly abhorrent.

But whether or not Blackford will be sunning himself in the Caymans to escape it all by the end of this year is unknown. Out of interest maybe the bookies should start offering odds on that.


One thought on “Indyref2 in 2021? If you believe Blackford, an easy way to make money

  1. Fantastic bit of reportage.
    I utterly detest the SNP.
    A corrosive midden of rank amateurs.
    Keep it up please. They must detest your articulation whereas I love it.
    Many thanks.
    Tommy Crooks


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