New campaign focus on pair the nationalists love to hate. But it doesn’t stop there

by Colin Campbell

A NEW billboard comparing Boris Johnson to Donald Trump is going up on sites across the country.

Needless to say it has been conceived by a nationalist group.

What impact it will have remains to be seen.

But it will feature two people the nationalists, or at least many of them, love to hate.

They hate Boris Johnson, with a passion.

And they hate Donald Trump, even though he’s now old news.

But the loathing doesn’t stop there.

Some of them now despise Nicola Sturgeon.

Some of them detest Alex Salmond.

Some of them are repulsed by Joanna Cherry, who had to call in the police over some of the vile online abuse she has been subjected to.

They hate the Tories to the uttermost extent, and that’s not just an expressed loathing for politicians, but for those who vote for them as well.

Some of them detest the Royal family, as was most recently shown when Prince William and his wife dared to set foot in Scotland.

Some of them loathe the English.

They despise Unionists.

And increasingly, as internal infighting continues, they spew bile at each other.

The billboard campaign may be considered by those running it as slick and powerful.

But it just underpins the fact that far too often it seems the nationalist agenda for many of its supporters now seems fuelled by and riddled with dominant ugly emotions.

And that there’s far too much hatred and loathing swirling around the ranks of the increasingly frustrated and embittered devotees.

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