What a cheek! Mass protest over TV questioning of Sturgeon the Goth

by Colin Campbell

YET again a television interviewer who had the temerity to ask Nicola Sturgeon a few tough questions is the subject of an avalanche of complaints to the BBC from nationalists, over alleged bias.

This time their target is Andrew Marr, on whose programme three weeks ago she declared she would hold an illegal referendum if necessary.

Outrage over Andrew Marr’s firm questioning of Nicola Sturgeon.

If the complaints were confined to the slapdash application of her studio make-up that day, which made her look like a Sunday morning Goth, they may have had a point.

But the agenda and the tactics are more sinister. The complainants in their multitudes want to bully and intimidate and silence dissenting voices, even those from people like Marr who ask her perfectly legitimate questions.

They expect criticism of Sturgeon and any hint of dissent never to rise above the supine, if not craven level found in much of the Scottish press, and all too often on BBC Scotland.

The BBC in Scotland, having done a pathetic U-turn under intense nationalist pressure after dropping the daily Sturgeon show for a week or two, now apparently intends to continue its propagandist run right up to the May elections. If this what they plan it is simply scandalous and rival parties must find a way to halt it.

It may be an exaggeration to say that the fantasy land of milk and honey the nationalists want to lead us into would be a North Korean one-party state where dissent was severely discouraged, or effectively silenced altogether. But how much of an exaggeration?

They would have control of broadcasting and it’s not difficult to envisage what tone that would set. And what remained of the press would hardly raise a whimper of dissent if they valued the money which would no doubt be dangled before them by the state to enable them to survive.

But we are mercifully not there yet and hopefully never will be. But the nationalists have already revealed their ugly and virulent determination to try and even prevent tough questioning of their leader. And there is no doubt that these people if they could would go much, much further.

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