Cherry ramps up security as extremists become ever more inflamed

by Colin Campbell

JOANNA Cherry this week had to install extra security measures as a result of the online abuse and, much worse, threats she’s received as a result of the vicious infighting within the SNP.

Joanna Cherry.

These have come from people ostensibly on her own side.

No one really knows the scale of the nationalists lunatic fringe amid the vast majority of reasonable people within the ranks. But as tensions ramp up in advance of their so called independence election some are clearly intent on making their presence felt.

Not everyone is as high profile as Cherry and not everyone can command the police support she’ll be getting or can afford the security she has in place.

But the situation she’s in will have been noted.

There are, fortunately, an increasing number of supporters of the Union across the range strongly challenging the SNP nationalists.

They have had enough of the lies and deception pouring forth and are not inclined to again let them dominate the landscape while the silent majority stay silent, as happened in 2014.

Nicola Sturgeon lit the touchpaper for a potentially volatile time ahead when she said she would hold an illegal referendum if necessary. That was just what the extremists want to hear.

Sturgeon will not get her section 30 order from Boris Johnson for a legal referendum after the May elections and any subsequent attempt to gain court approval for it will fail.

But she’ll still be under extreme pressure to hold it anyway.

It will be boycotted by more than half the population. But it’s not difficult to envisage some supporters of the Union turning up at polling stations to make their feelings about the farce clear. And who knows what happens then?

Even some supposedly responsible nationalists are already calling for a campaign of civil disobedience if they don’t get their way on indyref2. Civil disobedience is a weaselly term for trouble on the streets.

Leading SNP politicians seem intent on ramping emotions up even further with provocative and inflammatory statements to the effect that another referendum will very soon be held come hell or high water. It seems this time they’re intent on going for broke and won’t take no for an answer.

If they were sensible and responsible they’d look at what’s happened to Joanna Cherry and would decide to tone it down.

I read a lengthy article by a former army veteran this week titled The Ulsterisation of Scotland.

It surely won’t come to that and let’s hope it doesn’t come anywhere near it.

But it still made very chilling reading.

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