Let’s hope MI5 agents are all tracking spies on polling day

by Colin Campbell

WHY are the SNP so keen on pressing the case for postal voting in the May elections? On their website they state:

Postal voting is the safest way to vote

Apply now and you’ll be able to vote in a way which reduces your risk from the virus

People across Scotland will have at least 14 hours to vote and no polling station anywhere, not even in Glasgow or Edinburgh, should find itself besieged by people crowding in at the same time.

There are certain times of the day when polling stations will be busier than at other times. If folk have any virus concerns they can go along when they’ll know these venues will be quieter.

There’s no reason to think casting your vote will be any riskier than a visit to Tesco.

In Inverness I’ve never been at a polling station where I’ve had to queue, not even in the record turnout for the 2014 referendum.

Mostly there have been three or four other people around. During most of the day folk turn up in a steady trickle.

Or course if people want to vote by post they can always use that option.

But I and others I’ve spoken to won’t be voting by post. Not a chance. When I vote anyone but SNP I’ll be making sure the slip of paper goes directly from the ballot booth into the canister.

I trust the integrity of the voting system here. We may be living in something close to a one-party state but not even the all powerful SNP and their acolytes are capable of rigging an election. Not yet anyway. Still, I’m taking no chances.

So it’s something of a mystery as to why they are so eager to push so hard on the supposed safety benefits of postal voting. But as a general rule, if there’s something they want you to do, the best choice is to do the opposite.

Election integrity is a very sensitive subject for nationalists. When the results go the way they want them to, everything’s fine.

But to this day you’ll still find members of the cult who’ll swear blind that the outcome of the 2014 referendum was rigged. And that an agent from MI5 was in situ at every polling station.

This time they’re in a fever over what they see as May’s so-called independence election. There will be no overnight count and voting and the announcement of results will take several days.

If they don’t get the barnstorming pro indy triumph they believe they’ve already got in the bag, as I increasingly believe they won’t, we can anticipate another outbreak of grievance-mongering suspicion.

I hope MI5 will be able to prove that around polling day every member of the security service was involved in counter-terrorism work in the deep south, and on tracking elusive and devious Russian spies.

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