Sturgeon’s craving to provoke endless division is insatiable

by Colin Campbell

AT the height of the pandemic Nicola Sturgeon’s enthusiasm for creating division in an already horribly divided Scotland is unabated. In fact it seems insatiable.

Her latest provocative, inflammatory stunt is her instruction that the EU flag should be flown at all times over Government buildings. The Union Jack is only flown once a year, on Remembrance Day.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “The EU flag is flown to reflect the overwhelming vote of the people of Scotland to remain in Europe, and as a mark of solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of EU citizens who call Scotland home despite Brexit.”

In the Highlands there was no “overwhelming vote” to remain in Europe. In fact, 44 per cent of people in this region voted Leave.

But that basic fact, and the views of these people, are yet again dismissed out of hand by Sturgeon and the SNP.

It seems their votes don’t count. Their opinions don’t exist.

I voted to remain in the EU. But Sturgeon and the SNP take their cue from the central belt and the outlook of tens of thousands of folk in the Highlands who thought differently is completely disregarded, if it has even registered with them at all.

And don’t expect Sturgeon’s lickspittle underlings around here, Inverness MP Drew Hendry or MSP Fergus Ewing, to even hint at the need for some balance and perspective.

The SNP have spent much of the past four years stirring up unnecessary fears among EU citizens living here about the consequences of Brexit.

That’s been part of their unwritten policy. To cause unnecessary distress to these folk in the hope that they’ll come to view the SNP as their ardent supporters and protectors and will vote for independence in a future referendum.

They barrel-scraping cynicism of the SNP on the EU issue has been sickening throughout.

At Westminster Hendry and his cronies spent months last year warning of the horrors that would arise from a “no deal” Brexit.

So in December when the Prime Minister finally secured a deal they opposed it.

And voted for a “no deal” Brexit.

Thousands of people from Poland, Romania and elsewhere have settled in the Highlands and been warmly welcomed and accepted. They’re here to stay.

Do these folk really feel uplifted by “the mark of solidarity” shown by flying the EU flag on government buildings? Do people from sovereign countries like Poland feel so emotionally attached to the EU flag – which to many people symbolises nothing other than Brussels bureaucracy – that they care whether it’s flown or not? I very much doubt it.

This is yet another attempt by Sturgeon and the SNP to sow division, pure and simple. They seem to be intent on ramping it up with each passing week. Next week they’ll no doubt come up with something else.

An increasingly large number of people are getting sick of it. In the May elections Sturgeon and her insufferably arrogant SNP may very well be in for a seismic shock.

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