Blackford tries to fool supporters yet again as false promises mount up

by Colin Campbell

IAN Blackford is trying to play SNP/independence supporters for fools yet again.

Yesterday the Ross MP and SNP Westminster leader again tried to stoke up the fantasy that there “could” be a second independence referendum held later this year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already reinforced the certainty that he’ll reject a section 30 order for a referendum under all and any circumstances after the Holyrood elections in May.

This “could” lead to a court challenge by the SNP which would almost certainly fail or else take months or even years on appeal to resolve.

Blackford, however, is unrivalled when it comes to taking SNP supporters for mugs.

At the last count he claimed £256,000 in expenses from a Westminster system he claims he wants to destroy.

He claims to be “a simple 10 acres crofter” when in fact he is a rich former banker.

But this character, a national embarrassment to Scotland, is now so arrogant he thinks he can get away with spinning any line, whenever he chooses.

After his latest 2021 referendum prediction he added: “But of course we’ve got to get the election out the way, we need to make sure that the SNP are elected back into government again, that we reinforce that mandate for a referendum.”

In other words – vote for us, this time we will deliver. (And we will retain our huge salaries, and perks and privileges, and, of course our quarter of a million pounds annual expenses.)

And, of course, he expects gullible SNP/independence supporters yet again to fall for it.

But one online contributor was having none of it. Rightly seeing Blackford for the big, fat national joke he is, he set his latest utterly cynical vapourings about a referendum being held in a few months time in context with a crisp, concise and devastatingly effective response.

Graham Fordyce wrote: “This is now beyond parody.

On 14 March 2016, the Holyrood magazine front page: “Nicola Sturgeon announces new campaign for independence.”

On 25 June 2016, the Daily Record’s front page: “Sturgeon has little option but to pull the trigger on Indyref2”.

On 14 March 2017, the Sun’s front page: “Shock as Nic calls Indyref2.”

On 9 September 2018, the National’s front page: “SNP Westminster leader predicts independence push if Johnston ousts May.”

On 18 January 2019, The National’s front page: “FM – get ready for Indyref 2.”

25 March 2019, The National: “FM: INDYREF2 INEVITABLE.”

On 25 April 2019, The Scotsman’s front page: “Sturgeon sets out plan for indyref2 within next two years.”

On the same day, The Herald: “Sturgeon planning indyref2 vote before 2021 vote.”

27 April 2019, The National: “First Minister: Indyref2 most likely in 2020.”

2 November 2019, The National: “Today we will demand #Indyref2020.”

30 January 2020, The National: “Holyrood votes for Indyref2.”

9 March 2020, The National Ian Blackford (yes the same one): “All our efforts are going into having an indy vote in 2020.”

2 September 2020, The National: “FM to outline plans for second independence referendum in detail within six months.”

15 November 2020, The National, Ian Blackford (yep, it’s him again): “Independence referendum is to happen next year.”

17 January 2021, The National: “SNP to launch independence taskforce.”

Need anyone say more? That’s a cut out and keep guide going back exactly five years to the honesty and credibility of Ian Blackford and co when it comes to their “pledges” on referendums.

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