Who will dare to end The Daily Sturgeon Show in our one party state?

by Colin Campbell

THE Daily Sturgeon Show, also known as the First Minister’s televised coronavirus update, for once looked worth turning into on Monday. I switched it on for the first time ever.

The face of Scotland that’s everywhere…a passer-by observes Nicola Sturgeon through a window in a street.

On the previous day celebrating Rangers fans had swamped the streets of Glasgow and swept aside all virus rules and regulations as if they didn’t exist. This was by far the biggest revolt against Nicola Sturgeon’s year of finger-wagging  diktats as to what she will allow and what she will not allow. In fact it made a complete mockery of them.

I wanted to see directly what she had to say about it from her BBC podium.

But Sturgeon was nowhere to be seen. Instead her deputy John Swinney appeared on camera to berate the fans and the Ibrox club.

Given what had happened over the weekend, why wasn’t Queen Nicola there in person to speak out about it?

In her long line of virus briefings, which have been deemed “essential” both by the SNP and apparently the BBC as well, this was one where her presence could genuinely be considered essential.

But her scowling face – and it should have borne the ultimate angry scowl last Monday – was nowhere to be seen.

What does this say about those supposedly essential virus briefings?

She appears on a daily basis to deliver virus updates which are routine, and relatively inconsequential. But when an appearance of genuine interest and significance is required, as was the case last Monday, she ducks out of it.

This is further evidence if any is required that The Daily Sturgeon Show should have been scrapped long ago. The BBC did pull the plug on it, but under intense pressure from outraged SNP/nationalists, they caved in and restored it to their schedules.

Any information she provides is in the public domain and is widely available within minutes. It doesn’t need Nicola Sturgeon to provide it. It could come one of her science-based advisers, from John Swinney or even from Swinney’s personal assistant. The facts and figures would be the same and they would be publicised accordingly.

Now the campaign for the May elections is underway and Sturgeon still hogs the limelight on television whenever it suits her. How long will she be allowed to remain in the spotlight and milk the publicity it gives her, to the advantage of the SNP?

This clearly breaches electoral rules on impartiality and should summarily be brought to an end. But who will bring it to an end? I’d assumed the BBC would make a decision but that doesn’t appear to be the way it works, not in modern Scotland anyway.

An SNP spokesman said at the weekend that a decision would be made in due course. By who? By Queen Nicola herself?

If The Sturgeon Show bias is allowed to continue it will further increase concern that their all-powerful tentacles extend everywhere in our virtual one-party state.

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