Only a quarter of Scots want an early referendum, and Blackford looks even more of a fool

by Colin Campbell

THESE days the SNP/nationalists must wince every time a new opinion poll comes out. And their loudmouth in chief “simple 10 acres crofter” Ian Blackford should be burying his head in dung in his Skye barn.

The latest survey which emerged yesterday revealed that only 25 per cent of voters want an independence referendum to be held this year.

Thirty per cent say a referendum should take place in the next two to five years.

And 45 per cent say there should not be another referendum anytime in the next few years.

All polls have a margin of error, but not a 25 per cent margin. And there is no way that anyone who wants a referendum in 2021 can avoid the conclusion that an overwhelming number of people in Scotland do not want one.

Where does this leave Blackford, who little more than a week ago said a referendum could be held in the later part of this year?

These findings make him look very foolish indeed – not that most of us didn’t know that already.

To many of us it always seemed madness to threaten to move on directly from the worst health crisis in a century to the turmoil of the most divisive constitutional upheaval in 300 years.

The vast majority of people are desperate for a break after a prolonged period of anxiety, tension and strain. Another bitterly fought referendum straight after the virus trauma would have stretched many to breaking point.

Yesterday’s survey shows that sanity prevails, among many independence supporters as well as those who want to remain in the UK.

Blackford may still continue making his “indy in 2021” claims in an attempt to maintain support for the SNP in the May Scottish Parliamentary elections.

But even he may realise that trying to play to the gallery isn’t working and is futile.

Those who want another referendum this year will vote for the SNP anyway. But many others could be put off supporting them by continued bellowing and blustering from Blackford, particularly in relation to a referendum they don’t want anytime soon.

The Central Command of The Party still don’t seem to realise that this character is the SNP’s biggest liability and that his endless belligerent aggression is alienating many people. He has become the caricature of a fat little angry man.

As the SNP leader at Westminster, he doesn’t speak for Scotland but he certainly is a national embarrassment to Scotland. Now it’s clear that he could be actively damaging the cause for independence.

Every time he repeats his referendum in 2021 demand that’s more votes lost for the SNP. As a rich former banker he knows all about figures. And if that 25 per cent one doesn’t finally shut him up, nothing will.

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