Nationalist finance guru admits independence would be a threat to pensions

by Colin Campbell

AMID the daily litany of falsehoods and fabrications that is the stock-in-trade of the independence supporting National newspaper, a grain of truth can sometimes be found.

Under the headline: Parting Ways, they devoted a page to a summary of an analysis by nationalist finance guru Dr Craig Dalziel “on how Scotland and the remainder of the UK could negotiate the separation of debts and assets” if independence became a reality.

No need to know any facts about pensions in an independent Scotland, just take the SNP on ‘trust’.

This was hard going and a very heavy read. My eyes began to glaze over as I scanned through it. The impression it left was the extraordinary complexity of the economic process involved in separating Scotland from the rest of the UK, which would make Brexit look like a walk in the park.

But then I came across a sentence buried in the middle.

“Debt and asset separation, even if liabilities are transferred, may initially impact pension and social security payments to residents in Scotland.”

Well knock me down with a fluffy feather.

I wasn’t remotely surprised by that statement. Of course pensions would be hit by independence. For one thing not a single member of either the SNP or the independence movement can give a credible answer on how they’d be paid or who would pay them. It’s just one of the many questions they dodge because they haven’t a clue what the answers are. They haven’t worked out anything.

“Bothered about your pension? Don’t worry, it’ll be fine, we’ll sort that out when we’re independent.”

Don’t expect any more from them than that. Just take them on “trust”. Yes, with livelihoods and even lives at stake, we’ll unhesitatingly buy that. What unspeakable chancers they are.

But the reason a feather would have knocked me over when I read that was as a result of amazement that that admission was actually printed. True, it was buried away downpage. But since when did either the National or nationalists start making admissions which could in any way sour their depiction of the independent land of milk and honey that they want to lead us to?

So this nationalist finance guru, Dr Craig Dalziel, concedes that independence “may initially impact pensions and social security payments to residents in Scotland”.

You won’t find that emblazoned on any banner at a “Yes” rabble march.

How long would “initially” last for?

And what is Dr Dalziel’s solution to the threat to pensions? He says the issue “must be handled with care”.

Oh really? Given the cluelessness of the clowns running the independence show at the moment, that doesn’t exactly reassure me to the hilt.

A new tactic of the SNP/nationalists is to proclaim that UK pensions are among the lowest in Western Europe. Whether that claim is true or not I don’t know. Given the routine deception peddled by the people making it, I automatically assume it’s a lie. And even if our pensions were lower than what’s available in sub-Saharan Africa, at least pensioners can be assured they land every week in their bank accounts.

In a bankrupt independent Scotland, when the money ran out I’ve no doubt that pension payouts would crash. The retirees in sub-Saharan Africa would probably be getting more.

It’s rare to find truth and hard reality about life in an independent Scotland in the the National. They’re slipping up.

Some liars and political fraudsters in the SNP have claimed that pensions would double in an independent Scotland. As they peddle these kind of fictions, they never have any answers on where the money for this glorious scenario would come from.

If they ever did get their “any price is worth paying” independence the SNP/nationalists wouldn’t double our pensions.

They’d steal them.

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