Flying the flag may be provocative to some, but a vast number of people will welcome it

by Colin Campbell

THE Union Jack is to be flown on UK Government buildings in Scotland and elsewhere every day, following an announcement from Westminster.

That will be a very welcome sight to see.

Needless to say, the news has not been received with universal approval. “The Butcher’s Apron” and all that malarkey from those still seething over historical events which normal people do not exactly fixate on.

The conventional wisdom among sections of the media is that flying the Union Jack will be provocative and will play into the hands of the SNP/nationalists, and even win them converts.

“Conventional wisdom” has its limitations. Those who purvey it have long insisted that if the nats lost a second referendum that would put an end to their ambitions for 20 or 30 years. It wouldn’t, of course. They’d immediately start campaigning for indyref3.

As for being “provocative”, very many people will lose absolutely no sleep over that.

The SNP/nationalists have turned provocation into an art form.

It was provocative of Nicola Sturgeon to announce she would hold an illegal referendum, at the height of the pandemic.

It is provocative for some nationalists to threaten civil disorder if they don’t get another referendum.

It is provocative for Sturgeon, Blackford, Forbes and co to soak up billions of pounds in pandemic support from Westminster and then in grievance-mongering mode demand more, more, more.

It was provocative of Sturgeon to announce plans to close the border.

It was provocative of Ian Blackford to gloatingly endorse an abusive border sign directed at English people. In fact the bellowing little fatman is a puce-faced sphere of provocation virtually every time he opens his mouth.

Their Yes marches through towns and cities are provocative.

It is provocative how they’ve assumed ownership of the Saltire, which used to be a flag shared and beloved by all.

It is provocative how some of them abuse the Queen.

And these are only some of the examples of nationalist provocation that spring to mind.

I believe many people are somewhat tired of it all and would welcome a gesture from the UK Government – and a perfectly reasonable one at that – to remind and reassure us that Scotland is part of Great Britain, and part of the United Kingdom, and that’s how they intend it to stay.

Flying the Union Jack won’t convert a single person to the SNP or independence. But it will be appreciated by the hundreds of thousands who are proud to be both Scottish and British.


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